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Dear readers,
Think beyond, stay ahead

N Mahalakshmi

We are happy to present a revamped Outlook Business this New Year. Our philosophy and what will drive the editorial agenda is summed up in our new tagline, Think Beyond. Stay Ahead. In the times we live in, no company or individual can afford to take things for granted, irrespective of their current market leadership. History is replete with examples of companies/ brands that have failed over time because of their inability to think beyond and adapt themselves to a changing environment. In effecting this revamp, we have built this imperative into our content. The magazine you are holding also has bundled into it content related to financial markets that we have inherited after merging sister publication, Outlook Profit. Backed by a competent team, we now have enhanced coverage on finance and markets. 

As you will see, the magazine now has three main sections—enterprise, strategy and markets—before you reach the cover story. Enterprise gives you a preview into the world of budding entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, private equity investments and so on. Strategy focuses on mature companies and leaders in business—this section will critically articulate on what makes them successful or unsuccessful. Markets, of course, are an integral part of business and in this section, we will delve not only on key trends driving them but also present you investing ideas.

Apart from bringing you balanced stories that reflect ground reality, our focus, as always, will be on looking at facts objectively. While conceiving this content mix, our central idea was to deliver stories that satisfy two criteria: being ahead of time and beyond the obvious. In fact, it was this thinking that finally culminated as our tagline.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please do write in with your thoughts on the revamped Outlook Business.

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