Hot streak

Companies that have delivered super-normal return on the bourses and that are backed by financial performance

We are delighted to present our Eleventh Anniversary edition. We are super proud of the fact that despite being the last to launch in the Indian business magazine space, we have been able to win over enough readers to become the second-most read magazine in the segment. As a regular reader of Outlook Business, you would know that this has been possible because of the differentiated content that we have steadily delivered over these eleven long years. Our anniversary editions have always celebrated the spirit of winning leaders and companies. This year, we bring to you a theme that will stay paramount as long as businesses are run. 

Be it a start-up in Silicon Valley or the bylanes of Bengaluru; or one of the world’s biggest companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, ExxonMobil or India’s biggest like Reliance Industries or ITC; business is done primarily for profit and value creation is the holy grail of every for-profit enterprise. While privately-held companies may be content with the cash their business generates, the ultimate barometer of value creation is the market cap assigned to an enterprise via a marketplace where millions of buyers and sellers transact to express their opinion. Even though stock prices can misrepresent the value embedded in a company over short time periods, a great business, led by an astute management almost never goes unrewarded in the stock market over long periods of time. And the democracy of the stock market, allows almost everybody to participate in this process of wealth creation. 

That’s why to mark this Anniversary, we are kick-starting an annual special titled Outlook Business Outperformers, which lists companies that have delivered super-normal return on the bourses, outperforming their indices and peers, backed by strong financial performance. In this edition we list and chronicle some of these extraordinary companies to bring forth the strategy that resulted in their exceptional performance, and how they are positioned for the future. We hope you enjoy reading this edition.