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Dividend Dazzlers
With the market losing ground, high dividend stocks with reasonable valuation could be a hiding place

Prathamesh Mulye

Ploughing Back

With tractors sales slowing down, Escorts promoter buy shares worth Rs.112 million 

Prathamesh Mulye | JUN 03 , 2019

Is the overhang of NBFC debt default over?

Investors are wary of companies that are debt-heavy and have high level of pledged promoter holding

MAY 30 , 2019

Profiting from pulp

Lakhi family considerably reduces its stake in International Paper APPM

MAY 24 , 2019

Is there more downside for the auto sector?

With a mere 5% rise in sales in FY19, India’s auto industry is facing a challenging period

MAY 23 , 2019

Cash Outage

Power discoms stare at a dark future as aggregate losses mount

V Keshavdev | MAY 16 , 2019

Riding an upswing

With stock price surging by 141% from its all-time low in October 2018, Aavas Financiers’ top management including its CEO sold shares worth Rs.665 million on May...

Prathamesh Mulye | MAY 10 , 2019

Is it the right time to buy real estate stocks?

After battling waning demand and a liquidity crunch, real-estate stocks recover thanks to the GST rate cut and sops   

APR 26 , 2019

Pilgrimage to Omaha

PPFAS MF's Rajeev Thakkar on why value investors attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting every year

APR 26 , 2019

Riding a wave

In Tech Mahindra’s recent buyback, promoter entity Mahindra & Mahindra tendered shares worth Rs.4.46 billion

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 18 , 2019

Is it an opportune time to buy small and mid-caps?

After a significant price correction in 2018, mid-cap and small-cap stocks are back in favour

APR 15 , 2019

Cash Discharge

HEG promoter-related entities cash in on the Rs.7.5 billion buyback, tender stock worth Rs.4.14 billion

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 05 , 2019

End of Season Sale

V-Mart promoters rake it in as stock gains over 42% during the fiscal

Prathamesh Mulye | MAR 29 , 2019

Is It The Right Time To Buy ITC?

Low margins and high cigarette taxation have dented ITC’s growth   

MAR 25 , 2019

Frontal Attack

Mindtree is fighting L&T's takeover with tooth, nail and imploring letters, but it will need a white knight soon

Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 21 , 2019

Sputter On Full Throttle

With weak performance denting the stock price, Bajaj Auto’s promoters are propping up the share by buying ₹10.66-billion worth in the last one month

Prathamesh Mulye | MAR 15 , 2019

The long & short of it

Hedge fund investing in India is all set to see increased interest from investors and asset managers alike

Rajesh Bhatia | FEB 04 , 2019

Natural Bounty

Dabur CEO Sunil Duggal sells stock worth Rs.196 million in December

DEC 26 , 2018

In preservation mode

India’s super rich are going the family office way and here’s why

DEC 18 , 2018

Racing on Weak Legs

Investors reward high-earnings growth with more capital but warns a new report from MOFS, all growth is not good growth

Prathamesh Mulye | DEC 13 , 2018

Keeping it in the family

The focus on long-term return is making family-controlled enterprises more powerful in emerging markets 

Glen Finegan | DEC 13 , 2018

Glimmer of hope

While capital goods makers are seeing a revival in demand, it still may be a little too early for investors to join the party

Prathamesh Mulye | DEC 07 , 2018

Will the slump in crude stem the slide in the market?

With Brent crude falling to $65 from $82, the Sensex has recovered from the low hit in October

DEC 06 , 2018

Smart Money

As Britannia’s stock gains on the back of its double-digit growth, managing director Varun Berry offloads shares worth Rs.159 million in the open market

Prathamesh Mulye | NOV 30 , 2018

Bailing out

Vikas Ecotech’s promoter disposes of shares worth Rs.159 million as the stock takes a beating after a dismal September quarter

Prathamesh Mulye | NOV 23 , 2018