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Sourcing Cash
As IndiaMart’s stock price surges, top management and employees cash in, sell shares worth Rs. 326 million 

The deepening rot

Convertible bond holders find their backs against the wall as corporate India's defaults surge to over $2 billion

Team Outlook Business | AUG 17 , 2013

Timing it right

Roopa Kudva is riding the momentum in the markets with the stock of Crisil up 25%

Team Outlook Business | AUG 17 , 2013

Lights on!

Ajanta Mercantile has bought over 50,000 shares at ₹679 a share, thus increasing its stake marginally

Team Outlook Business | AUG 03 , 2013

Keeping the faith

Post first-quarter earnings, FY14 estimates are likely to be further downgraded

Aditi Saxena | AUG 03 , 2013

Sure of high marks

Shetty bought over 770,000 shares at an average price of around ₹98 a share in eight tranches

Team Outlook Business | JUL 20 , 2013

Precious no more

Weak demand and rising working capital needs take the shine out of jewellery stocks

Aditi Saxena | JUL 20 , 2013

Struggling on the brink

The current rise in the market has come in the face of a deprecating rupee and could be unsustainable

Ravina Kothari | JUN 22 , 2013

When the chips are down

Passionate Investment Management, has bought close to 300,000 shares since the beginning of the new fiscal

Team Outlook Business | MAY 11 , 2013

Spectacular bust

What went wrong with billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's biggest bet

Team Outlook Business | MAY 11 , 2013

Stuck in a rut

A Sebi-promoter wrangle could throw Marg's open offer off course

V Keshavdev | APR 27 , 2013

Throwing a lifeline

Venugopal Dhoot, chairman of Videocon has bought close to 50 lakh shares in the company

Team Outlook Business | APR 27 , 2013

Emergency response

Given the rising risk of regulatory and judicial intervention, analysts get wary of telecom stocks

Team Outlook Business | APR 13 , 2013

Good to follow bad

Compared with FY13, market analysts believe companies will post much better earnings in the coming fiscal

Adit Mathai | APR 13 , 2013

Anything but sweet

Political turmoil throws into jeopardy whatever little chance there was of sugar decontrol coming through

Ravina Kothari | APR 13 , 2013

Back on the road

Harsh Goenka seems to be buying into the turnaround of group company Ceat

Team Outlook Business | MAR 30 , 2013

A mile-long pile up

Analysts are far from jitery, even as automakers head for the worst performance in a decade

Aditi Saxena | MAR 30 , 2013

All in the family

Ness Wadia has been increasing his personal stake Dyeing & Manufacturing

Team Outlook Business | MAR 16 , 2013

No need to rush

An export Downturn and an industrial slowdown prove a double whammy for logistics companies

Adit Mathai | MAR 16 , 2013

Future tense

Poor investor sentiment has taken a toll as seen in falling derivatives turnover

Aditi Saxena | MAR 16 , 2013

Buying what he understands

Parsvnath Developers is looking at plot sales and disposal of non-core assets to tide over the adverse times

Team Outlook Business | MAR 02 , 2013

Running out of steam

The BSE mid-cap index in on a downward spiral. Will the Sensex follow?

Ravina Kothari | MAR 02 , 2013

Against the tide

Ahead of its quarter results, Gautam Adani piles up shares of his company through his holding company Adani Agro

Team Outlook Business | FEB 16 , 2013

Beginning of the end?

Closing of Goldman Sachs India arbitrage funds raises questions about what lies in store for similar schemes

Aditi Saxena | FEB 16 , 2013

When least expected

Reliance Industries’ Q3FY13 result has restored investor faith in the company

Ravina Kothari | FEB 16 , 2013