Will Vivek Sehgal's gambit pay off?

A stretched balance sheet and an uncertain global auto market could upset Motherson Sumi’s grand plans

Vishal Koul

It’s very rare for Indian CEOs to lose their composure during analyst concalls. Usually, they and their acolytes ooze cream and honey about the latest quarter and regurgitate endless versions of it throughout the concall. Analysts, too, play along, not wanting to get into management’s bad books. So, when Vivek Chaand Sehgal, founder of Motherson Sumi Systems (MSS), in response to a follow-up query regarding the downside for the OEMs he supplies to, blurted, “You have to ask the OEMs the question, boss. I am no authority on this. Sorry about that”, one is not sure what the after chatter in the analyst community might have been.