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    LIC 3.0 Tale Of Policyholders Vs Shareholders

    With the state insurance giant gearing up for an IPO and amendments made to the LIC Act, a question mark dangles over policyholders’ interests

    Bhavesh Shah - March 01, 2022
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    Hassled Companies, Upset CAs

    Every year, accounting professionals and e-filing portals for income tax play a cat-and-mouse game at the time of filing returns

    Kamalika Ghosh - January 30, 2022
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    All Is Well… Almost

    2021 has turned out to be the most spectacular year for the Indian startup ecosystem, helping it attract billions of dollars in investment and churning out a record 42 unicorns in the process. Not to forget the staggering number of IPOs that we saw this year. Experts say this is just the beginning of a bigger party ahead

    Pallavi Chakravorty - January 01, 2022
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    ‘LIC Will Raise Capital As Long As It Is Marketed Properly’

    For the Indian bourses, 2021 was a spectacular year. Highlighting the important role that a big IPO market played in that journey, Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management, tells Outlook Business that today, India is in a ‘very solid’ position

    Abhishek Vasudev - January 01, 2022
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    Budget 2022: Dealing With India’s Achilles’ Heel

    Reforms in the health and education space have been a cause for concern for successive governments for decades now. Two years into the pandemic, will the Budget come bearing good news for the two sectors?

    Kamalika Ghosh - January 01, 2022
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    We Have Just Begun Scratching The Surface, Says Sid Talwar

    Sid Talwar, Co-Founder & Partner, Lightbox shares with Pallavi Chakravorty the reasons behind the sudden fund rush into India’s startup ecosystem, what investors look for in new-age companies and whether the dream run will continue

    Pallavi Chakravorty - January 01, 2022
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    The Humble Economist

    Outgoing CEA KV Subramanian’s idea of capitalism is a marriage between the invisible hand of markets and dharma 

    Kamalika Ghosh - December 01, 2021
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    How Energy Secured Are We?

    Ballooning fuel prices, low oil & gas production, GST woes and over estimation of green power. Result: India’s energy security remains a distant dream. Is anyone listening?

    Neeraj Thakur - November 01, 2021
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    The Curious Case Of High Debt And Low Interest Rates

    On one hand the world is swarming in debt, on the other hand the interest rates are now at its lowest ever. Why are loan takers being incentivised for going into debt?

    Rajiv Ranjan Singh - November 01, 2021
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    Not A Market For Everyone

    Ford’s India exit has brought back the focus on similar exits made by several global auto giants in the past. But, poor product strategy isn’t the only reason behind their pull-out

    October 01, 2021
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    The Rise And Rise Of Sports NFTs

    While Amitabh Bachchan has become the first Indian celebrity to launch his own NFT collection, major cricket boards such as BCCI are waiting it out before tying up with any NFT platform. Can this change for the better?

    Soumitra Bose - October 01, 2021
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    Big Companies Are Becoming Bigger, Leading To Market Highs

    First Global co-founder Shankar Sharma talks about the current state of India’s equity markets and what is driving them

    Rajiv Ranjan Singh - October 01, 2021