Mayur Uniquoters is knitting a new growth story with rugged determination

The artificial leather manufacturer is expanding its high-margin business to tide over the growth slowdown 

The new PU resin plant will help in keeping cost low, fast production and quality control - Suresh Kumar Poddar, MD, Mayur Uniquoters

Self-made entrepreneurs are touchy to questions about their ability to run a business, especially Suresh Kumar Poddar, who has made a mark in the artificial (vinyl) leather business with Mayur Uniquoters. When an analyst interjected during an earnings concall asking: “Sir, the risk is that if you do not succeed in breaking the high-end stuff over time…” Poddar was visibly irked. He replied, “I am not a fool for investing so much money [in the high margin businesses]… I am 100% confident [of its success].” The analyst’s query was related to Mayur Uniquoters’ efforts in creating a premium product in its new product category, PU (polyurethane) leather.