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Soumik Kar


"Walk the talk to inculcate right values and culture"
Arnab Banerjee, executive director operations, Ceat, on five ways to motivate employees

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Value people: Mentoring and coaching, formally and informally, is an integral way of valuing people. I believe that valuing people implies enhancing their impact professionally as well as in general. It instills confidence, which produces great business results.

Lead by example: Only walking the talk can bring about inculcation of the right values and culture in the team. Reaching out to people across hierarchies and assuring them of your accessibility is very important.  This doesn’t necessarily mean doing what you tell everyone else to do, but it means imparting confidence to people that they can do what they are expected to do.  

Support new ideas: As we grow through the corporate maze, many of us develop chronic deficiency of listening. Therefore, it is keen to actively seek inputs. Once you spot an opportunity in the form of a new idea, promote the idea along with the originator, aggressively. By this, you get a solution and a budding leader.

Acknowledge professional achievement: Different people respond to appreciation and acknowledgement in different ways. It’s best to appreciate someone in their physical presence. Acknowledgement in a group meeting works great for some. A word of appreciation from a boss or a colleague, one on one, also has an electric effect on many.

Empower employees: Setting the right values is mandatory. Building the right talent pool with complete empowerment is the way to go. Supervision is rework and is a wasteful activity. Creating the right conditions for success, coaching and mentoring an individual for success are the right things to do, instead of trying to control every turn of the screw. 

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