"Stay a student all your life”

 Lalit Kanodia of Datamatics on the need for skill updation

Soumik Kar

Knowledge, like your potential, is limitless Knowledge is infinite. To unleash your true potential, you need to be a student all your life.  Without the zeal to learn, you are destined to become obsolete quickly. Spend at least an hour every day on reading books, newspapers or magazines. Surf the web to expand your knowledge and understanding on various issues. 

Learn from the mistakes of others The most expensive way to learn is to experiment on yourself or your organisation. However, it is far more efficient to learn from the mistakes and experience of others, and that can be done by reading case studies. Those on the most respected corporates across the globe can be found easily on the web.

Teach or write Unlike money, knowledge grows when it’s shared. Teaching is the best way to learn. It forces you to organise your thoughts. During my career, I have been associated with a number of premier institutes and that has helped me a great deal, not only in understanding a subject in detail but also in developing a holistic perspective. Similarly, writing forces you to understand a subject. It also coerces you to read. I write whenever I can. 

Interact with people smarter than yourself No one is perfect. Irrespective of the level you occupy, there are many people smarter than you. It’s amazing how much you can learn, both consciously and unconsciously,  from people around you, merely by talking to them. Also, attend seminars by gurus and query them consciously. Most gurus love to impart knowledge. Listening to them can increase your understanding and knowledge with the least pain and effort.

Be a good listener Nature has given us two ears and one mouth, clearly indicating that it’s more important to listen than talk. To listen well is a powerful means of influence, just as it is to talk well. Management researchers confirm that the best CEOs are all good listeners. They have the ability to absorb everything that is being said. It is one of their most effective tools.


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