"Let customers explore business opportunities with you"

Asha Gupta, managing director, Tupperware India, suggests effective ways of direct selling

Tushar Mane

Recommend, don’t push: Offer customers personalised solutions and let them shop in an atmosphere of comfort. Get their undivided attention, demonstrate, recommend and leave them to decide when and what they want to buy.

Recruiting is the key to success: Direct selling is based on the push model. Instead of customers coming to you, you have to go to them. So, you need to have enough people selling your products. We mostly have direct recruits, but most people first become our customers, look at the opportunities and then join our network. 

Win the customer’s trust: Let your customers speak for your products. If you can convince customers to be your brand ambassadors, half your marketing target is achieved. Our regular hostesses, who gather friends at their homes and talk about our products, receive free products not as yet available for purchase. 

Pricing it right: What works best in the Indian market is to have products that offer value for money. If you promise your customer an air-tight container for a little more price, make sure it serves the purpose. More importantly, never start your trade with the most expensive product.

Innovate: We have a catalogue that exists around the year. But it is good to generate a sense of urgency with new, seasonal products. So, we have moulds to freeze kulfi that are available only in the summer, and special microwave-safe products that we offer only in winters.



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