"Learn to say no"

Sundeep Sikka, CEO, Reliance Capital AMC, on how to manage time productively

Published 6 years ago on Jan 13, 2015 Read

Take time out to plan your day: First thing in the morning, plan your daily and weekly schedules. Detailed planning ensures that your day isn’t spent merely reacting to the most urgent tasks, but also controlling how it gets done.

Bookend your day with a to-do list: End your day with a review and a fresh list for the next day. Make a note of the first step you need to take for each entry on the list so you can get started even with only a few minutes to spare. Even 10-minute breaks between meetings is enough to take several things off the list.

Prioritise and delegate: Limit your to-do list to just three or four important tasks per day. Having a focused plan makes it easier to concentrate on matters that need direct attention. Other tasks can be delegated as required.

Learn to say no: Giving time to one important task often means skipping five others. As the company grows, you might find that a large portion of your time budget is decided by others. Control your calendar by saying no and give yourself more breathing space. 

Make time to keep in touch with customers: Being familiar with customer interests and their feedback helps you rework priorities on your list. The path from ideation to delivery is tricky, and regularly meeting customers saves a lot of time in the long run.


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