"Don't be in a hurry to prove yourself"

Audi India MD Joe King on priorities for an expat CEO for the first 100 days

Published 6 years ago on Nov 14, 2014 Read

Know your stakeholders: A legacy is usually left behind by a predecessor. So, there is a need to strengthen relationships with the team and stakeholders and magnify the reach from existing levels. Interacting on a personal level across the entire ecosystem will help bring in fresh perspectives.

Know thy market: Walking out of the international airport in Mumbai, into a sea of people, can seem daunting to some; but to me, it is a land of enormous opportunities. Equally important is appreciating a country culturally. Celebrating festivals is a good way of fostering bonhomie and knowing what your new home is all about.

Engagement matters: A CEO coming in from a different market has to ensure a symbiotic relationship with other management and team members. Free up obstacles so as to allow everyone to be as good and efficient as they possibly can be. More importantly, nurture talent and creativity. For example, I have invested in training and development programs for the entire team and field force. 

Reaffirm brand quotient: It’s important to define the fundamental of growth for a brand as per the mandate and management style of an individual. In my case, what topped the agenda at Audi was to make sure that we are well prepared in terms of dealer network, right product fit and mix and excellent after-sales service.

Rediscover yourself: Don’t be in a hurry to prove yourself through specific actions. What may have worked very well for you in the previous job might not necessarily be relevant in your new assignment. Being rigid about your style of functioning and sticking to what you have done before might just be the perfect recipe for trouble.


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