"When a company assigns credit to deserving employees, it builds trust"

Anshuman Magazine, chairman & CEO, India/ SEA/ ME & Africa, CBRE, on how to ensure fairness in an organisation

Published 5 years ago on Apr 17, 2019 1 minute Read
Vishal koul

Equal Opportunity: Key to a happy and fair work culture is to ensure equal opportunity irrespective of gender, status, location or hierarchy. Treating employees with dignity and valuing their contribution enables a sense of impartiality. Employees should feel that they have a fair chance to earn a reward if they work hard for it.

Open Door Policy: As the running engine of any organisation, employees give a substantial part of themselves to their workplace. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that their needs, opinions and objections are addressed and respected.

Eliminate Bias: Be it the mechanism of grievance redressal, performance appraisal or other crucial decisions, ensure that there is absolute transparency in every process. Imbibing it as part of your organisation’s culture would assure employees that the workplace is bias-free. 

Giving Credit: At the workplace, employees should always get credit for their ideas. It creates an encouraging work environment for employees to participate in a meaningful way. When a company assigns credit to deserving employees, it builds trust. 

Total Well-being: Companies that care about their employees’ well-being pay appropriate compensation, help them balance the demands of their jobs with their personal lives, and maintain a safe workplace. When employees know their well-being matters to the company, a sense of fairness is a natural outcome.