"Take time to deliver a thoughtful and honest feedback to employees"

Sudipta Sen, CEO and MD, SAS Institute, on five ways to increase productivity at the workplace

Published 9 years ago on Jul 09, 2015 1 minute Read

Value people: One of the key drivers of employee productivity is the knowledge that the company cares for their well-being and values their participation. Organisations have two choices here, they can either spend money on employees or headhunters and training. It is about the same amount of money, so the choice is quite obvious.

Communicate a clear vision: While this sounds like a no-brainer, ensuring that the organisation’s vision is clearly communicated to all employees, especially to those who operate at the grassroots level, will facilitate a buy-in and create a sense of a shared vision and purpose. 

Significance of work: People have an inherent need to derive meaning from their daily activities. Go that extra mile to ensure employees understand how their work makes a difference not only to the organisation, but also to the community at large.

Empower and inspire: Empowerment is the key to keep employees motivated. Monotonous work provides little opportunity for growth and personal fulfillment, thus dampening employee spirits. To dovetail with the needs of millennials, employers need to design jobs with sufficient variety and challenges.

Constructive feedback: Giving feedback is a great management skill — the ability to share helpful feedback in a manner that is honest yet encouraging is vital to an organisation’s productivity. Most employees appreciate the management taking time to deliver thoughtful and genuine feedback, even if that’s not the feedback they want to hear.