Staying Smart On The Go

Smart electronic devices have rewritten consumer experience in more ways than one. Amit Khatri, co-founder of connected lifestyle technology brand Noise, talks about five ways in which design innovations in wearables and hearables market are making life easier, and stylish at the same time, for professionals who need to be always connected 

Published a year ago on May 01, 2023 1 minute Read

01. Staying Connected

Smart wearables, with innovations such as instant pairing with devices that enable immersive experience with features like remote selfie, uninterrupted Bluetooth [BT] calling, in-app insights and community building, have become an integral part of our daily lifestyle. They have made staying on top of one’s work calls, reminders and notifications effortless.

02. Going Hands-Free

Innovations such as gesture control and voice-enabled artificial intelligence [AI] assistants are empowering consumers to multitask, making their smart wearables their true companion by offering a complete hands-free experience. Features such as BT calling and Always on Display are adding to the convenience.

03. Leveling Up Productivity

While smart wearables are helping users stay on top of their vitals and health game through features such as multiple sports mode, SPO2 and heart rate tracking or habit building, the real time data generated through these activities are further offering valuable insights and allowing users to optimise their productivity levels for overall wellbeing.

04. Keeping it compact

Tech marvels today come packaged in compact form factors. Whether it is the fit—in ear, on ear, over ear— or wired or true wireless stereo in hearables and shape of the dial, colours or functional crown in smartwatches, aesthetics has evolved over the time. However, interfaces equipped with gesture-based navigation, haptics and diverse watch faces are essential for users to have a coherent and evolved experience.

05. Enabling a Finer, Safer Life

Disruptive features like geofencing are crucial to know the whereabouts of children. Similarly, smart wearables and hearables allow users to de-stress by keeping them on top of urgent and meaningful notifications, enabling convenience and an overall finer lifestyle.