“Root your brand in a set of values that resonate with your audience”

Kartikeya Sharma, President - South Asia, AB InBev on five ways to sustain premium brand positioning

Published 4 years ago on Apr 27, 2020 1 minute Read

Radiate aspiration: Powerful brands are built by anchoring them in an idea and offering much more than just functional benefit. Be consistent in the way you communicate and cement the brand’s premium positioning. A specially curated brand experience not only engages consumers but also inspires them through key passion points such as music and sports.

Emphasise brand value: While elevating brand experience for your consumers is imperative, focus uncompromisingly on delivering your brand promise. Leveraging both tangible and intangible elements to create a differentiator for your high-quality product is crucial.

Stay authentic: Ensure that every consumer experience is premium. Maintain consistency in every touchpoint with the consumer, be it packaging, quality or service. Consumers must feel that the brand is constantly elevating user experience through brand extensions and special editions.

Be purpose-led: Root your brand in a set of values that resonate with your audience, be it sustainable practices or creating community impact. Given an option between similar offerings, consumers will opt for and pay more for brands that are truly making a positive impact.

Measure word-of-mouth: Positive word-of-mouth brings more consumers into the fold but cannot be taken for granted. Periodic feedback from customers will alert if the brand is slipping in terms of customer perception. On a regular basis, stress test the brand’s premium positioning with your top customers.