"Involve your dealers in the planning for new products"

Sunder Genomal, managing director of Page Industries, on five non-monetary ways to keep your dealer network motivated 

Published 5 years ago on May 03, 2019 1 minute Read

Ensure high engagement: The sales team must regularly visit dealers and ensure that they stay up-to-date on the latest market trends. These rapport-building visits should also be used to address issues raised by the dealers.

Guidance on stock management: Constantly guide dealers on the right stock mix and assist them in setting up an auto replenishment system to ensure optimum inventory. This will yield increased sales and improve the dealer’s liquidity position, thus facilitating his growth and expansion.

Skill and support: Train their sales teams on product knowledge and soft-selling skills on a regular basis. This is a critical activity that gets overlooked many times.

Seek feedback: Involve your dealers in the planning process for new product development or existing product enhancements. Their direct involvement helps in understanding the changing needs of the customer and dealers naturally enjoy contributing ideas and offering feedback on product.

Encourage competition: Build a community of elite dealers who get invited to exclusive dealer meets to exchange views and ideas. This will not only make them feel important but also motivate other dealers to perform better to become part of this elite group.