Customers Want Elevated Safety, Refined Driving Experiences: Aryaman Thakker

Aryaman Thakker, executive director of premium and luxury car dealer Group Landmark, talks about five trends in consumer demands and expectations from the automobile industry and how it is responding to them

Published 5 months ago on Jan 01, 2024 1 minute Read

01. Smart Vehicles

The demand for smart vehicles has been increasing. This has led to the industry prioritising seamless connectivity to offer an unparalleled driving experience with heightened convenience. The strategic integration of cutting-edge features not only meets current demands but also redefines the driving journey.

02. Advanced Driver Assistance

Customers want elevated safety standards and refined driving experiences. This has led to the industry placing a premium on advanced driver assistance systems. This trend signifies a commitment to prioritising safety and convenience.

03. Digital Presence

Leveraging digital platforms for building reputation can profoundly shape customer perceptions. This trend signifies a strategic shift, recognising the influential role of the digital landscape in moulding consumer expectations.

04. Customisation

Anticipating a paradigm shift in customer demands, the industry is focussing on personalised experiences. From tailored services to customised deliveries, the vision encompasses creating seamless, memorable moments for customers. This trend seeks to redefine traditional automotive interactions.

05. Swift Service

The expectation for swift service has evolved into a prominent trend. The industry strategically highlights streamlined service processes, prioritising swift turnarounds. This trend is not merely about meeting but exceeding customer expectations, elevating satisfaction levels and aligning with evolving consumer demand.