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Flavourful slices
In this book loaded with anecdotes and trivia, Adam Chandler dissects the relationship between American history and the growth of fast food industry

Of cult and caution

Author Mike Isaac traces Uber and its notorious founder’s wild ride — from the bro culture to the failed IPO

SEP 13 , 2019

Bane of intelligence

Author David Robson plays explains how high IQ, education and expertise could fuel stupidity  

AUG 30 , 2019

Degree Vs Skill

Author Scott H Young shares how an online course from MIT made him ponder upon the value of branded college degrees in today's age

AUG 30 , 2019

The Inner Circle

How Malaysia's former prime minister Najib Razak met the fugitive businessman 

AUG 24 , 2019

Flavourful slices

In this book loaded with anecdotes and trivia, Adam Chandler dissects the relationship between American history and the growth of fast food industry

AUG 17 , 2019

Inside information

American lawyer James Rickards shares his 'efficient market hypothesis'

AUG 09 , 2019

Art of parenting

In How to Raise Successful People, Jessie Paul finds a refreshing read and the ‘TRICK’ behind being an effective parent

AUG 02 , 2019

Living words

Our language carries the imprint of our individual lives, even in this digital age, writes Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch 

JUL 27 , 2019

Be your brand's face

To create a company of one, the biggest asset is authenticity of the founder, writes Paul Jarvis

JUL 26 , 2019

Changing world order

Peter Frankopan's The New Silk Roads compels you to question the dominance of Western nations, revealing the growing influence of China

JUL 19 , 2019

Smart networking

In his recent book, Mathew O. Jackson shares a practical plan — complete with figures and diagrams— for gaining influence fast

JUN 29 , 2019

Truett’s secret sauce

Chick-fil-A’s Steve Robinson writes what made his boss Truett Cathy standout and his idea of relationship building

JUN 23 , 2019

Hunting Spirit

American businesses have a long history of risk taking, even from their whaling days, writes Tom Nicholas

JUN 22 , 2019

Hunger for fortune

Success requires something more than talent and hard work, writes Prof. Scott Galloway

JUN 15 , 2019

Zuckerberg's con?

Author Ben Mezrich continues with the Cameron Winklevoss story in his latest follow-up book to The Accidental Billionaires

JUN 09 , 2019

Why manage?

Google veterans tried an experiment where all employees were equal, with no team leaders, and it taught them an important lesson  

JUN 08 , 2019

Inch by inch

Radio host Ken Coleman advises gaining proximity to your dream job through small, even uncomfortable, steps

JUN 01 , 2019

Capital Allocation 101

Jonathan Horgan on how The Rebel Allocator increased his understanding of business and life principles

MAY 26 , 2019

Confidence trick?

Psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic delves into what makes good leaders and what are their overrated qualities

MAY 25 , 2019

When the road forks

George Washington's defeat in 1776 was largely due to a bad call, writes Steven Johnson who takes cues from history to examine good and poor decisions

MAY 18 , 2019

Crazy successful

For 'loony', path-breaking ideas, you don't need exceptional individuals but the right organisation, writes Safi Bahcall    

MAY 12 , 2019

Escape Velocity

Jim Collins shares how Jeff Bezos set off the 'flywheel' despite the dot-com bust, and gained momentum with every turn

MAY 10 , 2019

Humanising the hustle

Authors Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson tell us why we need to drop the worship of an exhausting busyness

MAY 05 , 2019

Spotting leaders

Julie Zhuo says the best manager is one who shapes a team that delivers outstanding results, and happily

MAY 04 , 2019