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Lessons From Superman
James Altucher explains how anyone can be Superman in his self-empowerment manifesto Choose Yourself  

When the road forks

George Washington's defeat in 1776 was largely due to a bad call, writes Steven Johnson who takes cues from history to examine good and poor decisions

MAY 18 , 2019

Crazy successful

For 'loony', path-breaking ideas, you don't need exceptional individuals but the right organisation, writes Safi Bahcall    

MAY 12 , 2019

Escape Velocity

Jim Collins shares how Jeff Bezos set off the 'flywheel' despite the dot-com bust, and gained momentum with every turn

MAY 10 , 2019

Humanising the hustle

Authors Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson tell us why we need to drop the worship of an exhausting busyness

MAY 05 , 2019

Spotting leaders

Julie Zhuo says the best manager is one who shapes a team that delivers outstanding results, and happily

MAY 04 , 2019

Perks of losing control

Evolutionary organisations, which are run by collaborative collectives and not a charismatic genius, are freeing and successful, writes Aaron Dignan in Brave New Work

APR 26 , 2019

Call to meet right

There is a method to this madness, says Steven G. Rogelberg in The Surprising Science of Meetings, a handy guide for leaders

APR 21 , 2019

All-seeing glass eye

Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism sheds light on how cold, indifferent digital readers reduce human experiences

APR 20 , 2019

Digital Spartan

Cal Newport in Digital Minimalism shows us how to break the spell our screens have cast

APR 13 , 2019

Building prosperity

In The Prosperity Paradox, Clayton M Christensen advocates attacking poverty from a whole new angle

APR 06 , 2019

Facebook vs democracy?

Roger McNamee’s book Zucked charts the author's journey from an enthusiastic investor and supporter of the tech giant, to an anxious citizen

APR 06 , 2019

Story of Reddit

In We Are The Nerds, Christine Lagorio-Chafkin narrates the success stories of the founders of Reddit, and insights they gathered

MAR 30 , 2019

Goals Are Achievable

In Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt shares a research-driven system with readers, who are looking to meet their larger goals in life

MAR 23 , 2019

Scaling High

Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh’s Blitzscaling is the guide for entrepreneurs to scale up responsibly

FEB 09 , 2019

Meaningless Jobs

In his book, Bullshit Jobs, David Graeber gives tips to its readers on how to add meaning to their vexing jobs

JAN 26 , 2019

Team together

Dan Lyons' Lab Rats explains why it is more profitable for companies to treat their employees better, as humans, rather than rodents put to a race

JAN 12 , 2019

Are you a creator or a thief?

Tulsi Tawari's book tries to decode the pitfalls in the current methods of wealth creation

V Keshavdev | JAN 09 , 2019

Career Counsel

From dealing with your co-workers to your boss, Alison Green’s Ask A Manager will help you tackle any awkward moment at work

JAN 04 , 2019

Hedge Right

Howard Kunreuther's Mastering Catastrophic Risk is a preventive guide that helps entrepreneurs anticipate disruption

DEC 30 , 2018

Many-Model Paradigm

Scott E Page’s The Model Thinker advocates a multiple-models approach to make more accurate predictions

DEC 29 , 2018

Courageous leader

Brave Leadership by Kimberly Davis is the rulebook every company head needs to abide by, to be the best in their field

DEC 22 , 2018

Mastering the downside

Howard Marks’ Mastering The Market Cycle drills into you why understanding, assessing and dealing with risk is crucial to investment success

DEC 14 , 2018

Building performance through storytelling

Chlorophyll's co-founder Kiran Khalap on how Indranil Chakraborty's book will inspire employees

DEC 09 , 2018

Judging Your Own Abilities

Drew Dudley's This Is Day One is your guide to achieving your desired goals

DEC 08 , 2018