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Money Matters
Millionaires Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, who retired in their early 30s, look back at what taught them financial independence early on

Market Renaissance

Gregory Zuckerman narrates the exciting tale of how Jim Simons and his team transformed market trading with quant technology

NOV 06 , 2019

Work mode on

In What You Do Is Who You Are, Ben Horowitz turns his attention how organisations can create and sustain their cultures

NOV 02 , 2019

Master of all trades

David Epstein tries to debunk the myth that you can achieve success only through specialisation

OCT 24 , 2019

Digital dilemma

An expert in security and current President of Microsoft, Brad Smith discusses the importance of privacy in a digital age

OCT 19 , 2019

Balconies of leadership

Brand-Building founder Ambi Parameswaran reviews R Gopalakrishnan's 'Doodles on Leadership' — a book that reasons why a leader's journey is not restricted to the boardroom

OCT 18 , 2019

Booming businesses

Shut Up and Listen! offers practical, hard-earned wisdom for entrepreneurs ready to reach the next level of success

OCT 09 , 2019

Crash course in being yourself

Lindsay Teague Moreno relives her entrepreneurial journey, and tells all women to break free of guilt of being called a bad mother or wife for following their passion

OCT 07 , 2019

Flashing Red

Using his red-blue mind model, Ceri Evans shows us how to gain control over our emotions even under pressure

OCT 05 , 2019

Mining liberation

Facing career turmoil, bills and an existential crisis, author Dan Conway turned to cryptocurrencies, risking it all in a bid to reinvent himself

SEP 27 , 2019

The bitter truth

In Bottle of Lies: Ranbaxy and The Dark Side of Indian Pharma, Author Katherine Eban investigates the fall of Ranbaxy — a doom of its own making

SEP 27 , 2019

What’s Left of Socialism

Economists and authors Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell go on a global bar crawl to prove that socialism might not be our savior from capitalism

SEP 21 , 2019

Of cult and caution

Author Mike Isaac traces Uber and its notorious founder’s wild ride — from the bro culture to the failed IPO

SEP 13 , 2019

Hero Economist

Journalist and author Binyamin Appelbaum narrates how economist Walter W Heller gained popularity in Kennedy's office

SEP 13 , 2019

The Usual Suspects

In his latest book, former con man and now a security consultant Frank Abagnale talks about what makes someone vulnerable to get scammed

SEP 07 , 2019

Bane of intelligence

Author David Robson plays explains how high IQ, education and expertise could fuel stupidity  

AUG 30 , 2019

Degree Vs Skill

Author Scott H Young shares how an online course from MIT made him ponder upon the value of branded college degrees in today's age

AUG 30 , 2019

A Fool’s Paradise

Author John Brandt points out It’s the system, not the individuals,who should be blamed for incompetence

AUG 24 , 2019

The Inner Circle

How Malaysia's former prime minister Najib Razak met the fugitive businessman 

AUG 24 , 2019

Flavourful slices

In this book loaded with anecdotes and trivia, Adam Chandler dissects the relationship between American history and the growth of fast food industry

AUG 17 , 2019

Money Matters

Millionaires Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, who retired in their early 30s, look back at what taught them financial independence early on

AUG 10 , 2019

Inside information

American lawyer James Rickards shares his 'efficient market hypothesis'

AUG 09 , 2019

Art of parenting

In How to Raise Successful People, Jessie Paul finds a refreshing read and the ‘TRICK’ behind being an effective parent

AUG 02 , 2019

Living words

Our language carries the imprint of our individual lives, even in this digital age, writes Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch 

JUL 27 , 2019

Be your brand's face

To create a company of one, the biggest asset is authenticity of the founder, writes Paul Jarvis

JUL 26 , 2019