"To become an international player, you need to be global in your thinking"

Industry chieftains urge Indian SMEs to develop the right mindset as they set foot in the global market   

Published 6 years ago on Aug 07, 2017 10 minutes Read
RA Chandroo

N Mahalakshmi, editor, Outlook Business: Thank you so much panellists for joining me today for this discussion. We thought of taking up ‘Going Global’ as the theme for this year because it stood out for us while we were working on our 11th anniversary issue, Outperformers. In the past 10 years, a whole bunch of new billionaires have emerged across the country and many of them are under the radar. One such company we have profiled in this edition that really exemplifies this whole idea of going global and scaling up is Motherson Sumi. It's a sensational story of a company that started with nothing, wasn't too big 10 years ago and is a $6.5-billion company today. Moreover, they aspire to be a $20-billion company by 2020. There are a bunch of other entrepreneurs who look at success stories such as this one and are inspired.