Living With AI

A whole host of start-ups are bringing the power of artificial intelligence to our daily lives — both at home and at work

The scene begins with an otherwise shy Dr Raj Koothrappali welcoming his guests to a dinner party he’s co-hosting with his new-found friend. He enthusiastically shares details on how his co-host helped narrow down the grocer for the meal ingredients, the perfect wine and playlist for the night. All was fine till his unassuming guests inquired about the co-host only to discover it was none other than Apple’s digital personal assistant, Siri! Dr Koothrappali, the introvert, had found solace in a bot that was supported by artificial intelligence. While that scene belonged to a 2012 episode from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, the likelihood of something similar playing out in 2017 at your own friend’s dinner party is quite high.