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The Right Fit

Aircto promises to make hiring speedy and simple

When close to 1.5 million engineers happily toss their graduation hats in the air every year, companies hiring these budding engineers worry about choosing the right candidate that fits their requirement. They can now fret less as Bangalore based start-up, Aircto lessens their burden by screening potential applicants. Founded by Atif Haider in December 2015 with an initial investment of Rs.12 lakh, Aircto so far has advised 26 software companies including Citrix Systems, Toppr, Haptik Infotech on hiring the best candidate suitable for the job.

When a company outsources its hiring process, Aircto asks for a detailed job description with the skills and work-experience they are looking for in the candidate. Then, it puts the candidates through a programming test followed by an interview conducted by Aircto’s expert team. A report of every shortlisted candidate is then submitted to the company, which also has the option of obtaining an interview recording of every candidate for an additional fee. “Our team is made up of experienced code editors, system editors and programming consultants from firms like Amazon, Yahoo; etc. We have conducted 110 interviews so far and have an 80-85% success rate,” says Haider, CEO, Aircto.

For an entry-level interview that requires 0-1 year of experience, Aircto charges Rs.899 from the company for each candidate they interview. For mid level and senior level interviews that are listed in the category of 2-4 years and 5-10 years of required job experience, it charges Rs.1,399 and Rs.2,499 per candidate respectively, says Haider. “75% of this charge goes to our experts while the remaining 25% is Aircto’s service fee,” adds Haider. The start-up has managed to generate revenue of Rs.1.5 lakh in their first eight months of operation and have earned a profit amounting to Rs.35,000. Their website has 700 active users and it is seeing around 15-20 signups on average every month.

Along with growing its client base, Aircto is also tweaking its interface to ensure efficiency and better organisation of data. “Currently, we are just able to collate the data set and call candidates for an interview. In the next 2-3 months we are on to building an algorithm wherein we are able to screen candidates from their resumes, even before we conduct an interview,” says Kaviraj Kanagaraj, CTO, Aircto.