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Healthy craving

Ditch the unhealthy canteen staples for guilt-free munchies from Delhi-based Evolve's menu 

Vishal Koul

For many of us, a doctor-advised bedrest illness often leads to boredom, until we realise that we need to take care of our health. But in the case of Angad Sehgal, a forced break put him on the path of entrepreneurship. “I was sitting in San Francisco with a broken ankle. I was addicted to junk food. The doctors advised me that a shift to healthier options would speed up my recovery. My perception of healthy food until then was that it was tasteless, but the snacks including seeds, nuts and vegetable chips I purchased from the Whole Foods Market changed my perspective. It marked the beginning of Evolve,” says the founder, whose Delhi-based start-up offers a wide range of lip-smacking healthy snacks.