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Tushar Mane

Big Idea

Get on board
Blah Games offers a variety of international boardgames for gaming enthusiasts

Ravina Kothari

Their favourites are Earth Reborn and Agricola, but they’re just as happy to sell you The Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders or Dominion. If you know these titles of popular boardgames, you’ve probably heard of Blah Games as well. Founders Mohit Goel and Rishabh Shah met at a gaming session in November 2010 and a year later set up a business together, selling what they like best — international boardgames.

Potential customers are invited to gaming sessions to try out the latest imports. “These games are costly and people won’t buy without experiencing them,” says Shah. Blah’s USP: it’s cheaper than other online sites. “International publishers offer 50-60% discounts as India is a price sensitive market,” says Goel. Word of mouth publicity and gaming forums help bring in business — the founders are targeting ₹25 lakh in FY14. Their next move: designing games themselves. 

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