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360Navigator is your guide to hlep you zip through Mumbai using public transport

Tushar Mane

Moving to Mumbai two years ago, Sandeep Vijay Kothawade was overwhelmed by the complex public transport system of the big city. Even as he studied for his master’s degree in social entrepreneurship, the 28-year-old decided to do some social work himself — he began creating a database of public transport information, which is the foundation of 360Navigator, an SMS-based service that answers local transport queries.

It gives directions to a place using multiple transport services, specific bus routes, auto and cab fares, train timings, etc. Information is provided within 60 seconds and revenue comes through the ads that run as the caller tune when someone dials the call centre number. Kothawade is targeting a revenue of Rs.4.5 lakh in FY13, which will help him run a 24-hour service and extend it to other cities, beginning with hometown Nashik. 


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