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A fresh canvas

This online art gallery helps you pick up a piece work by some of the top contemporary Indian artists

Vishal Koul

While setting up home, Shayal Taunk had trouble buying paintings online. Most online galleries didn’t allow her to view paintings and lacked proper return policies. However, having an art-loving mother — Anahita Taunk — helped and soon the duo set up online art gallery Anasha Art in April 2014. Says Shayal, “Those who want to collect art end up waiting for shows, which are not always easy to explore.” 

She says it was a challenge to build relationships with artists. “A lot of times, after conducting research, we just make cold calls to artists,” she says. Today, Anasha stocks 28 contemporary Indian artists, including Anjolie Ela Menon and JMS Mani. 

Anasha buys some original canvas paintings from the artists, while others remain a part of the artist’s inventory. Their biggest cost is that of acquiring the art works, which cost between ₹10,000 and ₹24 lakh. Anasha primarily earns revenues through commissions which vary from case to case. Shayal says, “We have inquiries from all over the country and even Singapore and the US but the conversion rate is low since our products are expensive.”

The company is set to clear its current inventory by year-end. The gallery also has a return policy, with nominal costs to the buyer. The founders say the company touched sales of ₹10 lakh this March and add that they want to up this figure to ₹15 lakh. Most of Anasha’s offerings are tailored to serve as home decor, with the founders hoping to monetise this service in the coming days.


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