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Start-Up RouteToMarket Lives By ‘Ekhom Bahushyam’ For Success

Many a times great ideas come from situations as simple as an invigorating conversation. RouteToMarket Media (R2MI), established in 2017, is one such start-up that emerged during a chat between the three co-founders. 

Published 3 years ago on Oct 24, 2021 3 minutes Read
Mahaveer Jain Managing Director (L); Ram Niwas Bishnoi (Sitting), CFO Abhishek Singh (Standing), Executive Director

Many a times great ideas come from situations as simple as an invigorating conversation. RouteToMarket Media (R2MI), established in 2017, is one such start-up that emerged during a chat between the three co-founders. Make-In-India drew the attention on how to leverage the opportunity into a win-win situation by drawing out strategizes on HOW TO SELL IN INDIA and HOW TO SELL TO INDIANS. This gave rise to the concept of Market Servicing Provider for foreign brands exploring to tap India’s vast marketing potential. It took a long churning of minds before arriving on RouteToMarket Media India Pvt Ltd, as the company name.

The Founders of RouteToMarket, moved ahead with a vision to build a one-of-its-kind platform to serve as a one-stop-solution for its varied clientele from diverse industries. The word Media in the company’s name interpreted vehicles for market promotions where the company would take upon itself everything related to marketing beginning from ATL to BTL to TTL, Designing, AI, VR, Events Exhibitions etc. India meant the Indian Sub-Continent as its target market. The company works only for Made-in-India brands or Make-for-India brands.

The company built an image for itself as a full-fledged 360 Degree Business Solutions’ set-up within the first year, backed by the unflagging enthusiasm of its co-founders of R2MI, a driving force behind its success. Professionals from varied field constitute the core team of R2MI.

Among the three Co-founders, Mahaveer Jain is the fountain head of ideas with a positive approach to whatever task he undertakes, while Abhishek Singh, is a smart strategist who designs go-to-market plans and the adept CA, Ramnivas Bishnoi, is the backbone for maintaining finance, taxation and all the legal and financial compliances. As a comprehensive marketing entity, R2MI acts as a catalyst for brands looking to scale up their business by improving their sales and marketing requisites. Mahaveer elaborates, “We use Make in India, Fit India, and Digital India as platforms to plan and execute go-to market strategies for our clientele such as Philips, Coke, Beam Global, New Balance, Moonwalker, ASICS, ITC etc. Our brand R2MI KREEDA focuses on solving Non-Sporting Issues for amateur, semi-professional and professional players in India.”

Largely emulating the inspirational TATA Group, R2MI follows a vision that is aimed at building a bond of trust with its clients based on mutual respect, co-operation and investment. R2MI is very conscientious about ‘do right’ in its service offerings. Ramnivas sums up the USP of R2MI, explaining, “Our motto is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Ekoham Bahushyam’ which means – the one, who chose to become many. Spear headed by industry stalwarts – we focus more on touching lives and less on commerce.”

An entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainties and challenges. R2MI witnessed it when Covid-19 hit the world trade and economy. It has been a fight to achieve double-digit growth during the pandemic. Keeping its spirit and confidence intact, the firm worked on building Virtual Marketing Assets, bidding and winning VR work from MNCs.

Having bagged “India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020” and being nominated for “Emerging Start-Up of The Year 2019”, R2MI has so far traversed a journey of success. In an era of start-ups, Abhishek has some genuine advice to offer for budding entrepreneurs or those who aspiring to be one, and says, “Have patience. It takes 999 days for a business to stabilize. Keep building relationship, it works.”

The trio unanimously feel that their early years of grind in MNCs proved to be a great asset in creating a firm. Experience does count to make a company click within a short span of time.

The firm is currently working to set-up two of its own brands R2MI Kreeda and XONG in sports domain. R2MI KREEDA focuses on solving non-sporting issues for amateur, semi-professional and professional players in India that aims to support 1.0 million sports professionals by 2030. Brand XONG on the other hand intends to build South Asia’s first e-Sports community.

“We want to be India’s First Multi-Tasking Brand,” states Abhishek, who is on a mission.