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Setting New Benchmarks In Cosmetic Industry In India

The firm believes in matching the highest standards of quality & purity in its products, pricing them competitively, cater to a huge number of clients across a diverse industry range. It has developed financially and ethically sound services through an experience of over 25 years.

Published 2 years ago on Aug 13, 2022 6 minutes Read
Mr. Achin Gupta Director, AG Organica Pvt. Ltd.

The changing lifestyles, especially among the youth and growing awareness about health have contributed to a significant development in India’s cosmetic industry. India is ranked fourth globally for generating the highest revenue from the beauty and personal care market in 2021. Many global brands hog the limelight, but a few works to provide true value to their customers. AG Group is one of the leaders in that category. It began as a small-scale mint product manufacturer, but today, it is counted among the leading manufacturer and B2B bulk suppliers of cosmetic products. “The company has reached new heights and expanded beyond expectations, but its core remains the same- delivering ethically sourced, natural and safe products with unparalleled quality to our consumers. Even through all the ups and downs, especially during the pandemic, we have maintained our commitment to our consumers and employees to prioritize their well-being above all else,” says Mr. Anil Gupta, Founder of AG Industries. The firm offers therapeutic-grade 100% organic essential oils, carrier oils, skincare and cosmetics products to some leading global brands. Essential oils, compounds extracted from plants, have been used for thousands of years for health, medicinal, and aromatic purposes. With around a hundred essential oils available today, each one carries a distinct flavor and scent of the plant from which it is extracted. Used commonly as a part of aromatherapy, the oils are inhaled directly or rubbed on the skin after diluting. The oils treat various health problems like stress, depression, anxiety, sleep, headaches, insomnia, and inflammation. Also, these are used as a natural scent in homemade cosmetics or to freshen things like laundry. The grand visions of Mr. Anil Gupta led to the birth of AG Industries, and today, his sons, Mr. Arpit Gupta and Mr. Achin Gupta, Directors of AG Organica Pvt. Ltd. are taking forward its focus and growth. They have built upon the strong foundation their father had laid and brought the company into a new era through his innovative vision and incorporation of technological advancements. From day one, they set up the firm AG Industries has the vision to grow into the world’s largest and the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of the purest natural products priced competitively. The firm collectively works toward its mission to ensure every customer a memorable and pleasant experience through dedicated customer service. AG Group’s biggest priority has always been ensuring that every product is market-fit, eco-friendly and hygienic. They have maintained their place in the market by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices and a diversified portfolio comprising a wide range of products for personal and commercial use. Delivering the highest quality is their priority.

With expertise in developing the most effective solutions to meet the market demand for organic products, they emphasize factors like quality of products, hygiene of workers, and packaging of the products. Today’s consumers are extremely aware of the importance of natural and lab-tested products which guarantee their safety. AG Group has taken it upon themselves to cater to today’s conscious consumer and deliver ethical, effective and genuine products with only benefits and no side effects. To ensure this, their products go through rigorous lab testing, ensuring their purity, safety and quality before reaching the consumer. Both brothers have put the company on a growth path and expansion through modern marketing and strategic practices that expand its presence and product portfolio. Arpit has also helped to create a dedicated team of professionals to ensure supreme quality in products and manufacturing. He also headed the expansion of the product range, instilled a customer-centric approach in the organization, and introduced various packaging methods to cater for clients of all scales, creating distinct departments to organize the entire production method. The company further spread its wings when Mr. Achin went for further expansion of the company into cosmetics based on organic goods. Both brothers founded AG Organica Pvt. Ltd. to enhance their presence and growth. Under the watchful eyes and guidance of Mr. Anil Gupta, his sons have strengthened the foundation that keeps the organization well-ordered and constructive. Their technical skills and expertise have ensured high-quality end-to-end supervision in product development, testing and R&D, and project management. Their unyielding perseverance to consistently exceed client expectations has enabled the company to build a reputation as a progressive entity and a large client base.

Research & Development

AG Industries invest heavily into its Research and Development division to keep creating new and innovative products that meet the consumer’s changing needs. They have a state-of-the-art in-house lab to facilitate clients with quality and analytical testing and stability results of products. The firm believes there is much room for cosmetic ingredient innovation with developments in skin biology, such as biological genes, skin microbiomes, and nanotechnology. According to the patent application and the bureau of financial investment in the beauty sector, skin micro technology, bio-fermentation technology, and cell extract will be the hot spots in the industry. Although breakthroughs are difficult, creating novel materials can lead to category-wide innovation. Professionals in the cosmetics industry will be able to remodel thanks to raw material innovation. AG Industries takes advantage of these opportunities by implementing improvements that assist consumers in analyzing and using the optimum solution for focused skin treatment.

Mr. Arpit Gupta, Director, AG Organica Pvt. Ltd.


The company’s core principle is an unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products to maximize consumer satisfaction. Its quality in products and manufacturing are USDA Organic certified along with GMP, WHO, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, Halal and other multinational standards. They fulfill these standards by sourcing superior raw materials to turn them into premium products. AG Industries ensures that every product is market-fit, eco-friendly and hygienic. Their Organic and Natural Carrier Oils come with a Certification of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets. The company’s benchmarked quality, stringent safety standards, and operational transparency have created a relationship of trust and loyalty with its clients and made long-term connections with stakeholders.

Expanding the brand

AG Industries believes that brand building is a constant exercise, and one of the ways they have adopted is to participate in maximum top expos within the country and abroad. They recently participated at the Cosmohome Tech Expo, the exhibition held in Pragati Maidan on 14th and 15th July 2022. The firm presented all the new launches along with its existing products and services. Now AG Organica are all set to exhibit in Cosmoprof India, the event dedicated to the beauty market of the Indian peninsula, which is scheduled to be held in Mumbai from 6th to 8th October 2022. AG Organica will also exhibit its product and services at the CPHI India, a must attend event in the International Pharmaceutical Industry from 29th November to 1st December in Greater Noida.