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Relocating Safely And Securely – Anywhere In The World, By Agarwal Packers And Movers ( DRS Group)-Bade Bhaiya

Shifting house is an experience that many of us relate easily. The process can be nerve-wracking.

Published a month ago on Oct 24, 2021 3 minutes Read
Sri Dayanand Agarwal, Chairman( Bade Bhaiya), Sri A K Agarwal, Sri. Sanjay Agarwal, Directors

Ensuring what you packed is secure, well labelled, safely loaded, transported, and arrives without breakages and losses is not an easy task. It is no less challenging than managing a lemon on a spoon and running to win the race.

Dayanand Agarwal --popularly known as Bade Bhaiya knew this challenge existed, but a smart business mind found an opportunity in this conundrum. In 1984 with his first company Agarwal Tempo Transport, he started with a single truck and began to add one truck every four to five years and gradually increased the numbers.

The concept of Packing and shifting household goods is the brainchild of Mr Agarwal and today the brand “ Agarwal Packers & Movers ( DRS Group) –Bade Bhaiya has become synonymous with household relocation. In a few years, it became a trusted name in packaging and transportation. Over the years, he has revolutionised the household relocation sector. The company has shifted more than around two million homes across the country and the globe and adding on.

The firm, now known as DRS Dilip Road lines Ltd, is an NSE listed company. It is the breadwinner for around  2000 strong DRS Group families. During the mid-90s,  his two sons  A.K Agarwal and Sanjay Agarwal, joined the family business and started assisting in moulding every challenge into an opportunity.

Today, it has a  total fleet of nearly 500 trucks. Agarwal is more than 60 years, and in his journey of so many years in this business, he believes that nothing pays you back like ‘hard work.’

He believed in hard work, and the hard work continues even today.  Over the past decade, DRS has grown steadily. It has a turnover of around Rs.250 crores and established branches all over the country. “There could have been no bigger B school than our own business”, avers AK Agarwal.

Innovation in packing material and the introduction of new types of vehicles is an integral part of the company’s operations.  In the innovation process, the company introduced the “CHAPP VAN” in 2015 to shift the entire household items, i.e. Car, Household goods, Artefacts’, Plants and Pets, all in one.

The customers welcomed this, and the innovation has entered the Limca Book of Records to recognise the creation of the CHAPP VAN vehicle. The company was honoured by the “World Book of Records” in the year 2018.


The focus will be to make Agarwal Packers and Movers (DRS Group) global and drive the company towards numero uno in the relocation segment. It also has plans to enter the business of developing warehousing facilities. Agarwal’s message to the next generation: “LIFE IS WORK; WORK IS LIFE. “

The Social cause

Dayanand Agarwal as a young boy, could not secure himself a proper education. He did not forget this fact and always dreamt of starting a school so that at least others could get a better education.

Mr Agarwals’ two sons took their father’s dream and vision forward and established DRS International School in the year 2002, which is one of the best international schools in the country today.

The school has completed Six years and plans to expand the educational opportunity to other places across the country; DRS set up MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. It has franchised world-class K-12 schools and preschools under the brand Edify Schools / Edify Kids across the country. It plans to expand it to across the country and overseas.

D .N . Welfare Trust

The D N Welfare Trust founded by Mr Agarwal and his sons, gives financial assistance to the staff members and their families. All the employees of DRS group companies are members of this trust. Education and Healthcare are main focus of assistance . The trust also extends financial support to the family of the staff in the unfortunate incident of death of an employee