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Providing Identity And Security

 The company helps enterprise and government build an innovative future using RFID to manage their business. It has come a long way in ensuring that people, places, assets and things have a secure identity. 


Published 2 years ago on Aug 13, 2022 6 minutes Read
Saurav Khemani Director, ID Tech Solutions Private Limited

ID Tech Solutions Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, was founded over a decade and half with a humble beginning to cater to the needs of Plastic Cards and Smart Cards in the Indian subcontinent. Since then, they have moved on to manufacturing the next generation of products in Identity Management, Identity Integration, Security and Automation that include RFID Tags and Readers, Handheld Devices, Access Control Systems, Time Recorders, Animal Identification Products, Entrance Automation Products and many others.

We are today sitting at the intersection of digital change and ID Tech is ready to deliver the future of technology. With indepth understanding of the markets and knowledge of requirements across industry verticals, they have created a comprehensive portfolio of Solutions where identification, authentication, entitlement, security, traceability and automation are needed for digital and autonomous engagements. They have harnessed the power of their products along with deep domain knowledge in IOT and emerging technology to transform, client’s business across Products, Services, Business models and re-imagined business processes. Their experience and strong mission-first work ethic has helped them develop capabilities, capacities, insights, and skills that few equipment manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers can match at a single source.

Government spending on roads, tolling systems, airports, and healthcare, especially post-pandemic, boosted infrastructure growth in India. This requires high levels of automation, like toll plazas, where 50 per cent of the equipment deployed across all toll plazas in India has a presence of ID Tech, in the forms of RFID readers, Fas Tags and Boom Barriers.

It has helped boost this technology company’s growth.

According to Saurav Khemani, Director, ID Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, “When RFID started to catch pace in India, we were perhaps the only company that began to design and manufacture RFID Tags, RFID Readers & antennas and whole lot of entrance automation products at our state of the art plant in Manesar.This really helped us to stay ahead of the curve”

With a humble beginning, ID Tech has been part of the government’s automation initiatives involving identity, security and traceability. The top five such government initiatives, Khemani says, have been enriching for the company and resulted in capturing a big market share.

The largest one is the electronic tolling system using RFID readers, fast tags and boom barriers. The second one is for the Indian Railways, where they provide RFID UHF Tags for Railway Wagons along with the RFID Reader-antenna setup for entire traceability of Railways Wagons providing important data about their maintenance and safety resulting in better reliability, visibility of rolling stock, preventive maintenance, timing, schedules and traceability.

The third largest project was to supply 12 crore tags to India’s cattle collectively and livestock tracking using Visual Ear Tag across all State Governments, Department of Animal Husbandry, Govt. Of India. It helped the Govt. to monitor the vaccination of cattle, profile like its date of birth, gender, breed, lactation cycle, the amount of milk it gives is available for better informed decision making. “It is one of the largest projects that has happened globally, and ID Tech has been the front runner in this space,” says Khemani.

The fourth major project was tracking of containers Using RFID for DMICDC (now NSIDC) Logistics Data Services (DLDS) and National Industrial Corridor Development. The RFID tags and readers supplied by ID Tech help importers to track real-time location of their containers once they arrive into India. It also provides better governance and complete transparent and visble management for performance evaluation of ports, ICD’s CFSs and supply chain industry.

The fifth project: Asset management (asset traceability) projects with HPCL, RBI, HDFC and others. It helps them track assets when audits are to be done. Earlier, it used to take days and months to audit their assets. Now, with RFID Hand Held Terminals all they need to do is wave the Reader and they are able to reconciliate their assets.

ID Tech is also the first company in India to implement RFID based Animal Identification System using Injectable Transponders.” These are small RFID Microchips the size of a rice grain that can get implanted under the skin . So when insurance companies want to identify the asset (animals of farmers), it helps them,” says Khemani.

Another project the firm completed successfully was for the Board of Excise and Customs. Eligible exporters are now entitled to self-seal their export containers by using a RFID electronic seal. Once the exporter stuffs his product into the container and seals it, the ID Tech server captures all the data in the container using that RFID, which is sent to IceGate, the government portal for all importers and exporters. This data is matched on the port using our RFID hand held devices.

ID Tech is also working with many large retailers in India, as they see a huge opportunity and use of RFID. Due to the ease and accuracy of RFID stock counts, retailers using the technology can reliably achieve full item-level inventory visibility across their stores and supply chains.

“RFID is bringing about better visibility, helping government, enterprises, startups to make better-informed decisions,” says Khemani.

ID Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd aims to offer innovative, cost-effective, technology-based solutions to meet today’s business needs while building the foundation to meet tomorrow’s evolving operational environment. The company aims to become the leading provider of IoT products & solutions. They are very well on the way to achieving that goal.

ID Tech strives to ensure that innovation and continuous improvement culture always help them to stay ahead of the curve. “Several companies exist in India offering RFID, but we are the only company in India perhaps in the world that designs its RFID Readers, RFID tags, and provides software. It makes us a truly 360-degree solutions provider in this segment,” says Khemani.

As part of its commitment to expand its research and development efforts, ID Tech Solution entered into an agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology (IITRPR) to identify and enhance joint research and development in the field of IoT and RFID.

Under the agreement, IITRPR and ID Tech jointly work on value creation for major Government initiatives across smart cities and the Logistics and Transportation domain by leveraging advanced technologies.

Jointly they are working on newer RFID technologies in various Smart City applications, such as animal tracking and parking management, and waste management. ID Tech and IIT agreed to jointly explore various use cases where RFID and IOT can be used to achieve efficiency.

ID Tech as part of its CSR through ID Tech Foundation introduced a “Skill Development program”, a one-of-a-kind initiative working towards uplifting youths from the deprived and marginalized section of society. The project started with the job-oriented training of 150 youths and provided 100% captive placement for them.

The strength of ID Tech Solution is in its team. The firm works with its team members who are forward-looking and that provide customers with the highest quality custom solutions available.  Their highly skilled, dedicated employees are committed to partner with customers by delivering high quality, customer focused solutions and professional services in all areas as solutions planning and deployment.

Every member of ID Tech Solutions contributes their individual time and talent in a coordinated effort to ensure the company consistently meets its strategic goals. Each member of its team is accountable for ownership of their actions of other members of the group, its various partners and especially to the customers of ID Tech Solutions.

The company states that experience and strong mission-first work ethic have helped them develop capabilities, insights, and skills that few other companies can match.