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Nurturing Nature’s Bounty For Health & Wellness Of All

Mr. Vishwas V Sondkar, CEO of Universal Bio-Con Pvt. Ltd., has with his vision and market knowledge deftly scripted the route being traversed by the biological giant. He has accelerated the pace of the firm’s growth that is moving ahead rapidly on the path of progress and success with matchless credibility in the agriculture industry. 

Published 3 years ago on Oct 24, 2021 5 minutes Read
Vishwas V Sondkar CEO, Universal Bio-Con Pvt. Ltd.

Life has indeed come full circle! Yes, the world after decades of consumerism and its ill effects on health and the ravaging of the environment, is back to seek refuge in nature’s lap for its healing and recuperating powers. In recent times ‘back to nature’ has become a mantra, as a result there is palpable change in the consumption pattern of across the world and India as well. People are by choice returning to the refreshing comfort of nature and its multiple gifts including curative strengths. Ensuring that people have access to nature in its pristine form, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vishwas V Sondkar, at the helm of the biological giant in the agricultural industry- Universal Bio-Con Pvt. Ltd., is steering the company to surge ahead in this niche industry segment. The credibility of the brand in undisputable in the field for its excellence in impeccable product quality and services.
Since its inception in 2001, Universal Bio- Con, has pioneered achievements in the area of biological crop protection and plant nutrition as well. The conglomerates vision aims to be provider of holistic and apt nutrition, secured protection and unsurpassed quality for export orient production, and today it has successfully emerged as a leader in a range of bio- pesticides and plant nutrition on the strengths of its constant raising of the bar of excellence.

Universal Bio-Con is hailed as a company with a spirit of being farmer-friendly with the betterment of farmers as the core of its activities. The firm has significant presence in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu markets with a strategy based on a biological or non-chemical approach to agriculture and ability to solve problems related to the same.

Serving as a sound platform for developing a robust product portfolio, the Research and Development (R&D) department of the firm is adept at identifying the needs and problems of the crops and solving them along with addressing the gap between the present situation and the standards expected. At the state-of-art R&D facilities, an amalgamation of excellence in scientific expertise and best of technologies are exploring suitable solutions to bridge the same on the strength of existing solutions or by procuring new/ right solutions. The department aspires to help and support customers, by helping to resolve their predicaments and aims to provide a convenient, clear and intuitive interface for rapid, viable and acceptable crop solutions.

To generate data as well as to demonstrate the capabilities of developing new product technology to farmers, Universal Bio-Con’s R&D team is always busy evaluating new products and technologies. The highly motivated R&D team comprises of well-qualified and experienced staff have been instrumental in guiding the company in the right direction and on a successful path. It is spearheaded by ten high-profile agriculture technocrats with exemplary track record, who cater to the R&D department’s needs at Universal Bio- Con Pvt. Ltd.

The manufacturing strength of the firm has recently got a shot in the arm with an ultra-modern manufacturing unit, comprising 14,000 sq. ft. microbiology lab and 20000 sq. ft. herbal pesticide and growth    promoters’ production facility, established at Ghotawade, near the Rajiv Gandhi International IT Park Phase III, Taluka Mulashi, in Pune district. This space has been equipped with advanced equipment for all requisite processes, which include the making of liquids, granules, and dusting formulations and stimulants.

Highly tech-rich, these machines immensely assist in the unhindered flow of the company’s production process. They also require low maintenance and have high operating speeds. All the latest sophisticated and modern technologies are used for the production of biological as well as other products.

Another strong arm of Universal Bio-Con Pvt. Ltd., is production team comprising of highly qualified and technically experienced professionals. The meticulously put together team is constantly engaged in their respective filed of expertise and activities which ensures that only the best shot is given to every task taken up by them. The team comprises of microbiologists, entomologists, agriculturists, pathologists, agri-chemist and horticulture professionals offering 360- degree services to the agri-sector.

Universal Bio-Con’s unmatched success in the industry owes to the firm’s customer-centric approach to whatever they do. Measuring up to their high expectation and satisfaction was the relentless efforts of the company in bringing improvement in the product range. With a manpower team of more than 100, skilled and unskilled personnel, the production department is constantly engaged to provide an undisrupted supply of the products that went on to create a strong market base for products of the company, which are preferred due to their effectiveness and quality.

Intending to excel in the business, Universal Bio-Con employs a highly professional and sound marketing staff that ensures smooth and speedy product supply to the dealers and ultimately timely delivery to the customers. The marketing staff works in close rapport with farmers in their respective areas and cater to the need for quality and quantitative production with the use of the company’s quality products.

With a foundation of sound agriculture knowledge, vast experience and an in- built force to motivate the farmers, the marketing team’s robust efforts ensure that Universal Bio-Con’s market share is high with a sustained increase in the number of dealers and overall turnover. The spectacular performance of the company’s marketing department works is led by the able leadership of the Director (Marketing), who is assisted by the Regional Marketing Manager (RMM) and Marketing Executive (ME).

Universal Bio-Con has an extensive marketing network with 25 well- experienced marketing professionals. Further, the company arranges regular training sessions for the marketing team members, to ensure that these professionals keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the field of agriculture.

As part of its endeavour to make the right pack available at right time to the customer, the company has rejigged its distribution network to ensure close coordination between the sales force, the distributors and the end-consumers, who are the ultimate customers. All the business process in the company is online and are guided through the ERP system, so that the products and services can be reached to the customers in the shortest possible time.

Universal Bio-Con’s chain of distribution starts with dealers, distributors who have their own well-maintained stock point. The well-knit distribution is spread throughout the vast geography of the country via more than 1000 retail outlets with more in the pipeline.