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Leadership trumps crisis

How Harnil Oza CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem managed WFH

Published 4 years ago on Jul 27, 2020 3 minutes Read

Apps have become important across industries now, but this was not the case before 2011. After that year, with the entry of iPhone 4s, a revolution began. People went crazy over smartphones, causing a boom in the software industry. Many start-ups that created mobile apps came into being.

One inspiring story from that burst of creative energy is that of a 21-year-old named Harnil Oza, the CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem. He dropped out of an MCA programme with the Gujarat Technological University and started the company from his Ahmedabad home. His success story unfolds like a movie, with starting a company in his early twenties and meeting every challenge head on.

In the early days, the company had just four staffers. Currently, it employs over 250. After successfully making over 3,200 mobile apps, Hyperlink InfoSystem has a client base that spreads across the world. It is working on various trending technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, AR and VR. It owes its success to Mr. Oza’s sharp vision and unbeatable strategies.

His is an impressive achievement because handling the projects, meeting the client deadlines even while paying attention to their every requirement, and maintaining the company’s finances call for attention to detail. Through this all, Mr. Oza has been uncompromising in his vision. While COVID-19 has been destabilising for industries globally, his company has managed to come out unscathed thanks to his skillful management. While ensuring the safety of his employees, he has met his clients’ requirements to the T.

The crisis could have disrupted the business process and affected productivity of the employees, but he placed his confidence in the team and gave them work-from-home facility early on. Hyperlink InfoSystem today provides every support to its team, to complete work efficiently. For sure the team’s support has played a big part too.

Work from home is a blessing in a situation like the present, particularly for the IT industry. At Hyperlink InfoSystem, employees are provided every comfort from a sense of financial security to refreshments, and Mr Oza tries to eliminate their every worry so that they can focus on the job at hand. The company makes itself available to its employees and clients round-the-clock.

The organisational culture at this IT firm is of job security, on-time salary payment without any deductions, uninterrupted appraisals, refreshing and engaging activities, and a good work-life balance. Effective communication between teams is encouraged and quick solutions to employee queries are given. Employees are assured of career growth, job satisfaction and fair renumeration.

Performance is monitored closely, and senior management and Mr Oza take an interest in every employee’s work. By giving support to an employee, to improve his or her performance when needed, the company too benefits. Regular feedback is taken from the employees, which even helped during this crisis.

Employees faced many challenges initially, such as poor internet connectivity and shortage of machines. But few CEOs would take the effort Mr Oza has to address each of these concerns. He called everyone individually and listened patiently, and offered solutions. His leadership is truly commendable.

Hyperlink InfoSystem is working towards meeting increasing demand with a skilled workforce. It is set to recruit more at various locations and to build newer technologies with its competent team. Even during this pandemic, the company is getting enough orders and that is because of Mr. Oza and his team’s hardwork and dedication.

In India, there is set to be an increase in demand for technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT AR and VR will. They will help save precious hours and reduce the margin of human error. They will play an important role with increased need for data protection, and with changing behaviours in shopping, healthcare, entertainment and so on. AR and VR will, in particular, be trendsetters in many industries such as education and gaming. 

With our country’s population, which is its strength, there will be a greater adoption of technology. With this increased adoption, there will be a need for more apps and systems. Hyperlink InfoSystem can then be the go-to provider of good quality service.

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