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How Greenchef made it big with small appliances

The company has transformed itself from a humble stainless-steel gas stove producer to an admirable home-appliances maker

Published 4 years ago on Dec 14, 2020 6 minutes Read

Small appliances help us get through our day — from electric kettles for our morning cup of coffee or tea and ceiling fans to sit under and read our newspapers to iron boxes that help us get ready for work. Why, even our Fridays nights with our favourite movie are so much more cinematic with a pop-corn maker. Therefore, Greenchef takes small appliances seriously. 

Sukhlal Jain, founder of this company, follows one maxim: “Big ideas for small appliances.”

He has worked hard to make this company, founded in 1999, the fastest- growing small-appliance brand in the country. It now helps millions of families have stress-free days, even while staying ahead of the market by including innovative features and daring designs. Director Vikas Jain’s technical expertise and managing director Praveen Jain, with his marketing  expertise and presence of mind, has played a significant role in Greenchef’s rise over the years. General Manager Hitesh Jain’s dedication and tireless effort have made Greenchef a modern, go-to household brand.

The beginning of this enterprise was humble. They started with just one product, a stainless-steel gas stove. Today, after 17 years of relentless pursuit of advancement, they have 25 major categories and a range of products that total to almost 150. It makes high-performance appliances that have stain-free colour and handles, and follow purposeful innovation. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Greenchef now has operations all over India and, being an ISO 9001: 2008-certified company, every process and methodology that it engages is in tune with high-quality standards.

The company’s vision is to adapt and evolve into an ever-growing and sustainable enterprise. It hopes to bring endless beauty and top performance to its customers, thus spreading the joy of a healthier living. Greenchef aspires to be a global brand, known for its assertiveness and acumen to adapt to an ever-changing environment. 

To power its ambition, it trusts in doing continuous research, exploration and learning to come up with world-class appliances. Therefore, Greenchef has set up three advanced research and manufacturing units in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. Its R&D team is continuously coming up with new ideas and pushing the boundaries of healthy-cooking technologies.

Today, Greenchef is working on increasing its product portfolio to provide a TOTAL HOME – KITCHEN SOLUTIONS to the customer. Currently, its enviable product range includes pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, rice cookers, table-top grinder, mixer grinder, hobs, LP gas stoves, kettles and other small electrical appliances.

Its Classic Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel for hygienic cooking, has an aluminum layer for quicker heating and 430-high-grade stainless-steel, outer-layer for protection, durability and induction stove compatibility. In fact, it can be used over gas, induction, hob and ceramic cooking sources. On days when you want must have dal-chawal or rajma-chawal, Greenchef’s Evok Aluminium Pressure Pan will come handy. It cooks faster, saves energy, and has a precision weight valve, gasket-release system and metallic safety plug. It also comes with a five-year warranty. On days you simply must have a Pan-Asian tossed vegetable dish, you can rely on Greenchef’s nonstick frypan. Or on days you feel like biting into a Kerala specialty unniyappam or a spicy paniyaram, while sipping on tea, you can pull out Greenchef’s panniyarakkal. The brand’s nonstick cookware comes with three layers of teflon-coating and strong captivated stainless steel forged handle, is chemical PFOA-free and is even metal-spoon friendly. It promises to cook faster and to save energy, and comes with a one-year warranty. 

When everyone is going on a fruit-juice detox, why should you be left behind? Order a Juicer Mixer Grinder from Greenchef, and you can juice the carrots and blend a healthy papaya sorbet. The grinder function can be left when the detox is done and you are craving for a plump idli or a crispy dosa with chutney. This appliance runs on 450 Watts, has three-speed control with incher, comes with a stainless-steel mixer jar for easy cleaning and durability and with an unbreakable top cover, and has an automatic overload CB switch. 


Greenchef’s Hexa-tilting Wet Grinder’s grinding stones are specially selected and hand-picked to make sure that you get the best results out of your grinding and the food tastes the way you want it to. It is designed to give the user complete control over his or her cooking. It comes with the coconut scrapper and atta kneader options, has two-litre capacity, runs on a 150-Watts motor, and comes with a two-year warranty. Greenchef’s powerful Costa Plus 380 Watts hand blender is equipped with active-flow-technology blades, that is, two straight inside blades for extreme mixing and two incurved outside blades for optimal grabbing, which make quick cuts of the toughest vegetables. It runs on a 280-W motor, and runs on two speeds for easier handling. If blender is not your style, but you still hate chopping and dicing veggies, try the brand’s vegetable chopper. This multi-blade chopper does the job in seconds. Say goodbye to ‘onion tears’ and say hello to this new slicing-and-cutting companion. You need simply drop the veggies into the bowl, pull the chord to spin the blades and, within seconds, you have your chopped delights ready. This appliance that does 15 cuts in one pull needs no electricity, has a non-slip base, is dishwasher safe, is suitable for all hard, soft or fibrous vegetables, and has a tough, durable construction. For quick picnic lunches, reach for Greenchef’s sandwich maker. It consumes 750 W of power to help you prepare toasts or sandwiches and even grill quickly and efficiently. Also, its cool-touch body ensures additional safety from accidental burns.

We have all read of magic pots in fairy tales. But what if you could actually get one and it does not need magic, just a good electrical connection? This Electric Multi Kettle from Greenchef comes closest to that magical thing. It can make anything from your morning elixir to soups and porridges, with the press of a few buttons. Preparing breakfast every morning can be a tiresome job. If you are really short of time in the mornings, cook noodles or rice, boil eggs, brew soups, tea or coffee by just setting the right temperature. Tasty food or soup will be done in a matter of minutes. It has a cool-touch handle, 360-degree rotational base, easy-to-handle wide mouth and variable temperature control. If you have a family that can down bowls of soups in minutes, this appliance even comes in 1.8-litre capacity. Throw them a challenge! 

Are you still wringing your mop-head dry with your hands? Time to step out of your cave and get a spin-mop from Greenchef. Buy their microfibre flat spray mop that has a refillable mop with washable pad and allows the user to reach and clean even the trickiest corners. It comes with a liquid dispenser, so that you don’t have to lug a two-litre bottle of liquid cleaner every time you mop the floor. You can keep the dispenser filled and have your floor smelling floral or citrusy, just by pressing down the dispenser head with your finger or the mop head. 

Greenchef understands the importance of after-sales service and therefore, an exclusive Greenchef Service Department has been set up to attend and solve service-related complaints all over India. A toll free number 1800 1037477 is attached to this service. Customers could also give a missed call to +91 78489 92244. Customers can also register a complaint online via the company portal www.greenchef.in. Greenchef has a strict policy of getting in touch with the consumers within 24 hours of complaint being raised in any part of the country.

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