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Growing On Wellness For A Better Life And Smart Business

A disciplined soldier is building a healthy India and wealthy India. Overcoming the challenges and negativity around traditional medicines, a firm is attracting customers and partners.

Published 3 years ago on Oct 24, 2021 3 minutes Read
Sanjeev Kumar CEO & MD, Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

Born and brought up in the city of Modinagar under Ghaziabad district in Uttar Pradesh, Sanjeev Kumar, a young boy who, after completing school, joined Indian Army. But after 15 years, an urge to contribute to the country’s human resource health-inspired Kumar to set up Asclepius Wellness Private Limited (AWPL).

It was a challenge to get into a business of direct selling through its Direct Seller and Retail Outlets. But Kumar was confident of safeguarding and growing his venture, as he was about protecting his country’s border.

Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment. Instead, sales occur at home, work, or other nonstore locations.

AWPL also exclusively uses their website and Retail Outlet to display the details about products, products information, product quality certificate, price. Thus, providing a complete mathematically calculated Business plan, marketing methods, business monitoring, and information regarding management. All this is done while using word of mouth publicity to promote and create awareness about the website and its products.

Set up in 2014, AWPL is today one of the fastest-growing health and wellness company. “As you know, the health sector is a billion dollar industry, but health and wellness is a trillion dollar industry. Therefore, we started AWPL with a vision of a healthy India & wealthy India,” said Sanjeev Kumar, CEO & MD Asclepius Wellness Private Limited.

AWPL is a company engaged in world-class Ayurvedic wellness products & marketing of such products by direct marketing methods.

“We are committed to helping people live a life of economic freedom on their own terms. AWPL are successful & have a huge experience in the direct selling industry. You can be rest assured that your health & wealth is in very safe hands, and AWPL will be a win- win business for all,” says Kumar.

With a Corporate office in New Delhi and self manufacturing unit at Jaipur Rajasthan, AWPL believes in building dynamic entrepreneurs by promoting high-quality Ayurvedic Wellness and FMCG products.

From unorganized to Unique in the market, AWPL is very exceptional. It is likely to be followed by others. “This can shorten the gap between the rich and the poor, which can bring real socialism in the society which is the basic dream of every individual, being taken by us all, for our present economic uplifting and future security for our old age,” says Kumar.

AWPL products are produced using scientific formulations, green ingredients and modern manufacturing processes. Asclepius Wellness delivers knowledge and education through Direct Sellers to help consumers make healthy, informed choices. It has more than 460 franchises.

Spread across the Nation, with a strong presence in North West Part of the Country, i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. large range of manufacturing equipment at our Factory premises situated at Jaipur Rajasthan, Warehouse located IN 9 STATES IN INDIA, which will be expended throughout the country by 2022

Kumar feels Ayurveda has the true power to heal, and he vouches for its success based on incidents within his family. A huge number of people from all over the country use Ayurvedic products. The discerning ones opt for products from AWPL to achieve and maintain a healthy life. Kumar has also ensured that through direct marketing offer, they also can make good earnings while spreading awareness of the benefits of Ayurveda.

“It is immensely satisfying to see many of our direct selling agents achieve their dreams through my company. While earlier they were stuck in a low paying job, today many of them earn in lakhs per month just by recommending our products to people. Our product quality is so good and effective, they win over anyone who tries them once,” says Mr. Kumar.

Free of Cost food distribution throughout the Country, Free health checkup Camp organized every month through the Asclepius Wellness  foundation.

The market has recognized Kumar and AWPL’s work. The company has won many awards like Indian Icon Business Award, Millenium Brilliance Award, Bharat Shaurya Shree Award, International Excellence Award, Sankalp SE Siddhi Award, Asia One- India Greatest Brand and Leaders. In addition, Kumar was also awarded the ‘Champion of Change’ award by the late President of India, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee.


Organization, Time Management Developing Strategic Partnerships

Over the years, Kumar has gained experience in State, Local Compliance, Customer Service and Retention Management, Finance Management, Expense Control, Multi-Unit Management, Executive-Level NegotiatorPolicy and Procedure Development.

His expertise in Staff Development and Employee RelationsPerformance Standards / Quality Control has made Kumar a highly professional administrator/ executive who has demonstrated continuous growth, achievements, and impressive leadership in managing complex activities within the healthcare industry.

Kumar has developed a business insight to ascertain and analyze needs, forecast goals, streamline operations, and envision new program concepts. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills serve as the foundation to effectively network, collaborate, negotiate, and maintain positive partnerships with physicians, staff, and outside vendors and organizations.

Proficient in the management of a diverse range of departments, professionals, and programs 0through a complete understanding of the healthcare arena and integrated networks. He is adept at setting, expecting, and achieving high standards of quality.

Kumar aims to help the country meet the twin objective of providing employment with scope of Aatam Nirbhar Bharat and eradicating diseases. Kumar is determined to work more to create awareness and spread the message of Health and Wellness across India and globally.