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From Petrol Pumps To Auto Rickshaws, Fintech Pioneer Paytm’s Leadership In QR With Scan And Pay Makes Mobile Payments A Breeze

With the help of Paytm's QR code, Paytm UPI has reached every nook & corner of the country.

Published a year ago on May 02, 2023 3 minutes Read

India’s leading digital payments and financial services company Paytm, which is credited for pioneering QR payments in the country, has taken further steps in deepening its engagement with merchants.

Paytm, the king of India's merchant payments, continues to solidify its position as the leader in offline payments making digital transactions accessible across the length and breadth of India. Paytm has over 6.8 million devices and almost 32 million merchants.

With the simple scan of a Paytm QR code, transactions are completed in a jiffy. No more fumbling with cash or card-swiping machines. Paytm has made the process of buying and selling as easy as a stroll in the park. .

The company’s personalized QR code sticker for merchants is winning praise online for showcasing the seamless blending of technology and tradition. Paytm ‘s innovation is also seen in its pioneered QR, which allows merchants to add a photograph of their choice to the Paytm QR code sticker. Photo QR allows merchants to pick and promote the photo of their choice. They can add a personal touch with a selfie so that their customers can easily identify them or use any picture saved in their phone gallery. To customize and create special themes, businesses can further choose from a wide range of images available in the Photo QR customization page on the Paytm-for-Business App gallery, such as pictures of Gods, religious festivals, monuments, and business icons.

Since then, millions of Paytm merchants across India have quickly adopted Photo QR.


Recently, a user shared an image of a Paytm QR sticker in a cab with Lord Ganesha which has gone viral. “These QR code stickers with Ganesha and “Shubh Labh” is such a simple and good idea. Been around for ages (remember those pocket calendars?) but it’s amazing to see the marriage of tradition and technology in action,” he wrote in the caption.


It's not just the big businesses that are reaping the benefits of Paytm's QR code technology. Saksham, a Twitter user, posted a picture of an old man selling guavas in Agra holding up his Paytm QR code for customers to scan and pay. Small roadside vendors like him are enthusiastically adopting this technology. “Impressed by his way of accepting digital payments,” Saksham wrote. Paytm QR has levelled the playing field for small vendors, allowing them to conduct business with the same ease and convenience as large merchants.


Even petrol pumps, like the one captured in a tweet by Andy Desai, have embraced the convenience of Paytm QR, making transactions much faster compared to traditional card-swiping machines. “Dear Vijay Shekhar Sharma, thank you for revolutionizing UPI payments in India,” Desai captioned the picture.

Paytm is the most trusted company in India, as it taught the country how to use the ubiquitous mobile phone to make payments. With the help of Paytm's QR code, Paytm UPI has reached every nook & corner of the country.