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Delivering Innovative Roads And Heavy Infrastructure Projects

The company has scaled new heights and is dedicated to building the country’s infrastructure. Adopting unique technology, innovative thinking and safety measures has helped to complete projects on time and with high quality of work.

Published 2 years ago on Aug 26, 2022 5 minutes Read
Janeshwar (Johny), Executive Director, KRC Infraprojects Private Limited

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) continues with the previous good work. It has initiated measures which will have a far-reaching impact on building good quality National Highways.

The importance of road infrastructure is widely recognised as a potent means of socio-economic integration and is vital for the country’s economic development. The country’s road network consists of NationalHighways(N.H.), State-Highways (S.H.), District Roads, Rural Roads, Urban Roads and Project Roads.

The success of such projects requires many stakeholders. KRC Infraprojects Private Limited is one firm in India that helps with heavy civil construction. Founded 22 years ago in 1999, Kanhi Ram started operations with earthworks, stone-crushing operations, supplies of aggregates, and other construction works.

Then it was called M/s K R Construction Company.

Kanhi Ram realising the demand for roadway improvements in the country, his son and grandsons, who were already associated with him in the business, incorporated KRC Infraprojects Private Limited in 2010. The firm specialises in highways, bridges, tunnels, mass transit and airport systems. Their expertise lies in construction project management, engineering, and procurement. They provide resources and innovative solutions, emphasising safety and quality control, which produce high-quality results.

KRC Infra Project is a complete business-to-business firm for everyone related to construction to meet all their material, human resources, and machinery needs. We have a portal dedicated to providing you with services related to construction. The firm is involved in the manufacture, supply, erection and commission of road construction plants, machinery, and equipment such as mixing plants, concrete batching plant, runways, and roads with the best raw materials and accessories in India.

Over the past decade, KRCIPL expanded its operations throughout the country, building some of the nation’s well-known highways as a back-to-back subcontractor. In 2020, the company landed their major direct contracts from the National Highway Authority of India & Border Roads, NHIDCL Organisation and had a strong order book position of Rs 3522 Cr.

The company’s mission is to be recognised nationwide as the preferred partner for building innovative transportation and heavy construction solutions. The character and expertise of the team and focus on being a high-quality, ethical, community-minded company will drive superior economic returns.

Presently it is to be converted into Pvt. Ltd. firm, which includes a technocrat and young generation.

KRC Infra Project is presently managed and maintains a cordial relationship with its employees. A team of highly qualified personnel from engineering, finance and administration is the core strength of the KRC Infra Project, which assists in every field. The company employs more than 50 permanent personnel, apart from contract labours.

Arun Kumar, Chief Executive Director at KRCIPL(35), has over 18 years of experience in the execution of projects. He is responsible for managing the core geographic operational areas. His dedication and passion for infrastructure help the company scale new heights.

He can foresee issues and solve them before they become a problem. Under his leadership, the company has achieved various milestones focusing on continuous innovation and relentless pursuit of growth and excellence. Adopting newer technology and innovative thinking has helped to complete projects before time and with high quality of work. He is passionate about mentoring and developing young talent in the construction industry.

Supporting him is Janeshwar, Executive Director at KRCIPL (31). He is a professional engineer with nine years of experience in business development and executing projects in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Maintenance. He provides strategic oversight of the business development and bid development functions. He has proven leadership abilities and a strong focus on long-term planning and financial strategy, driving improved compliance and enhancing the organisation’s financial strength. He has the vision to make the company country’s premier engineering, construction, and project management organisation by achieving extraordinary results for their clients, building satisfying careers for their people, and earning a fair return on the value they deliver.

Processes during earthwork include excavation, removal of material to spoil, filling, compacting, construction and trimming. If rock or other unsuitable material is discovered, it is removed, and moisture content is managed and replaced with standard fill compacted to 90% relative compaction. After the design, approval, planning, and legal and environmental considerations have been addressed. A surveyor sets out the alignment of the road.

To maintain the quality of their products, the firms installed a lab with all the desired tools & equipment under the charge of a quality assurance Engineer for construction quality assurance duly assisted by a lab assistant. The company test and use all the material after establishing their satisfactory test result. Consequently, the test is also performed for job work to the satisfaction of the Engineer-in-charge.

The firm takes special measures to strengthen quality control measures keeping the view the importance of improving the quality of work, increasing the life span, durability & stability of the structure, putting all available resources into economic output, reducing unnecessary repairs & maintenance and maintaining the reputation of the firm and checking and testing of construction work at suitable intervals during construction to ensure that work is carried out as per laid down specifications and standard.

KRC Infra gives the highest priority to safety. It ensures that all carefully and strictly adhere to precautionary measures to avoid fatal accidents because accidents are unavoidable on construction projects. Still, the number and gravity of accidents can be reduced considerably if the proper safety measures are taken beforehand.

Competent and experienced supervisors have been responsible for strictly observing workplace safety norms. They do not allow the use of defective safety appliances for tools and equipment and do not allow an unqualified person to do a particular job. They are also responsible for giving workers instructions regarding possible hazards and how to eliminate them.

The firm owns and maintains various high-end machines with varying capacities. The company has a motivated team of skilled workers supported by dynamic office staff. The H.R. in the company is recruited based on profound academic engineering, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction.

As a result, it has bagged major clients like Border Roads Organisation (BRO), National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), Gawar Construction Ltd, Rajasthan State Road Development Corporation, Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation, HUDA, Brahmaputra, Infrastructure Ltd, Rural Engineering Services UP, Valecha Engineers and Contractors, D.S. Construction Ltd, Larsen & Toubro, Maheshwari Brothers Ltd, Vishal Infrastructure Ltd, PNC Infratech Ltd, Sadbhav Engineering Ltd, Gayatri Projects Ltd and Jai Prakash Associates Ltd.