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Building On A Strong Foundation Vidya Herbs Aim Greater Heights

Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer of herbal and botanical extracts for over a decade. The firm aspires to grow the business in different sectors like Manufacturing, Food Industry, Service Sector.

Published 3 years ago on Aug 22, 2021 4 minutes Read
K. Shyam Prasad Founder Chairman, Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd

K.Shyam Prasad, a first-generation entrepreneur, aims to give Make in India to improve and nurture a high-performance work environment by emphasising and supporting a climate of autonomy, innovation and teamwork.

He made a humble beginning, starting his career as a chemist in a pharmaceutical company in 1990. Then, he quit his job after five years to get into the field of natural chemistry. A postgraduate (Gold Medalist) in the field of natural chemistry with an outstanding academic record. Before starting the business, he worked with Bangalore Pharmaceutical Research Limited in Natural Chemistry for six years. He started a small manufacturing facility on a 10,000 sqft land with a shed. Today Vidya Herbs has become a reputed herbal extraction company in India, employing over 600 people.

VHPL was established on May 13, 2004. The company has six factories, five in Karnataka and one in Khammam, Telangana and their commercial productions have witnessed extraordinary business growth. The unit uses advanced technology and has in-house research and development facilities that focus on production systems, systems control, quality control, and the more visible precise mechanical automotive component elements.


“Clarity precedes Success”, and ‘Success is not a Destination’ Success is a Journey,” I never dreamed bout SUCCESS, I worked for it”says K. Shyam Prasad, founder chairman of VHPL.

“Tenacity, strategic thinking, staying passionate and focused on obtaining goals I set for myself are the primary reasons for my business success. If I could do one thing differently, it would be to listen to my instincts,” he adds.

The company’s dedication to quality and commitment to nature is passed to every manufacturing process and extract since the company’s beginning. With its global presence, Vidya Herbs provides extracts from the best ingredients nature offers to companies worldwide. It has a presence in markets like the USA, Europe, UK, Korea, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Dubai.

The company has established its position in the manufacture and supply of herbal extracts. Besides manufacturing herbal extracts, it gives top priority towards safety, traceability, efficacy and innovation.

“We want to grow our capacity, but do so thoughtfully and strategically, aiming to have an impact commensurate with our ambitions and ensuring that we maintain and upgrade the quality of our people and our experience,” says Shyam Prasad.

He is also keen to ensure that the team works continuously by working towards the satisfaction of its customers. The employees at Vidya Family are the most valuable assets for the business. Shyam Prasad actively supports and rewards their efforts to pursue their passion in the workplace, at home, and in the community and watch the quality of the work-life balance of employees that they deserve.

Shyam Prasad makes no compromise in terms of the quality of products. His aim, to bring smiles and happiness to all those who use their products by improving their quality of life naturally; the company takes full responsibility and commitment to take positive and concrete steps to enhance its efficiency and capacity from its customer feedback and actively participates in working with the customers. Its mission is to provide premium quality ingredients and maintain high levels of commitment and service to all its customers.

Vidya Herbs offers the best possible natural products to benefit healthy living to the best of its potential and continue to create exciting new products to enhance its customers’ product lines with innovative ingredient solutions.

The firm also has Vidya Coffee’s coffee plantations situated at Chikmagalur, the heartland of Indian coffee, a part of the Western Ghats, considered one of the bio-diversity hot spots. Vidya Herbs is one of the top ten producers of coffee in India. Vidya coffee retail business has its own brand name and style: Vidya Ground, Vidya Insta, Vidya Unique tea and South Indian filter coffee decoction”. and premix products like lemon tea, green tea, ginger tea, and also badam drink mix. Shyam Prasad says, “Vidya Coffee motto is “BERRY TO CUP” concept and will work continuously to bring in value-added products of high-quality Indian coffee.”

The company identifies itself as an organisation that consistently delivers research-based natural products to improve the quality of life and living standards concerning health.

The Biomedical Research Laboratory- Division of VIDYA HERBS ensures that the firm provides premium ingredients and the latest research to support nutraceutical and pharmacological industries.

The CSR wing of the company called V&V Foundation Trust was later changed to SARASWATI & K M BHAT FOUNDATION TRUST in his parent’s memory. A kind-hearted person, Shyam Prasad, during COVID-19 pandemic, provided health kits to all the frontline warriors in the rural and urban areas. He supplied many food kits, oxygen cylinders, hand sanitiser, masks etc. to the needy even in remote areas. He created awareness among people about how to get out of this pandemic by educating them through many social awareness activities.

The company follows a four-point quality assurance system — employ quality raw materials and constituents; use quality equipment; employ qualified people; and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.