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Blending Vastu With Paintings

A self-taught artist, she has made a lot of difference in the lives of people who believe in her work and the importance and need of vastu.

Published 2 years ago on Aug 26, 2022 5 minutes Read
Nehha Kandhari, Artist ( Vastu Compliant Painter ) CEO (Vinfab Engineers India Private Limited)

From past 12 years I had a condition called Anxiety disorder, panic attacks, insomnia my life was never easy living with such mental health issues, after installing your painting at my home with proper direction and at auspicious time since then I feel more calm and compose i sleep peacefully without any distraction at night and in work also with minimum effort i am getting maximum business your painting itself is a natural benzodiazepines (alprazolam & clonazepam) for me i would like to thank you in one sentence A Blissful Soul with a magic brush in her hands keep on doing it you’re a professional in it.

A  loving daughter of a Punjabi family in Agra was always intrigued by the energy surrounding her. Nehha Kandhari, a bright academic student, gained in-depth knowledge of ‘Vastu Shastra’.

After clearing her C.A. Inter and acquiring NCFM Certification, she joined her family business dealing in galvanized steel products for infrastructure. Post marriage, she relocated to Mumbai and joined her husband’s business. Currently, she is the C.E.O of Vinfab Engineers India Private Limited.

But Nehha was always keen to know more about ‘Vastu’ early on in her childhood. She received support from her parents, who had immense faith in this ancient science.  

She felt its positive impact, even before comprehending what ‘Vastu’ is all about. One thing led to another, and she became a certified healer in access consciousness and reiki. Nehha learnt and practised healing, Reiki and FengShui, which helped her understand energy’s subtleties and develop a holistic approach.

The lockdown period allowed her to pause and hone her craft as a full-time painter, and she developed a distinct identity in the world of art with her unique style of ‘Vastu’ compliant paintings. Nehha’s first painting exhibition was held at the Taj art Gallery, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, in January 2021, organized by Spandan. She was selected to showcase her artwork along with seven other women artists, where her paintings got a tremendous response.

Having realized the importance and need for vastu, she came up with the Vastu Compliant Paintings. She used her knowledge of vastu , astrology and reiki to create an artwork that will enhance a particular direction’s positive energy.

The main focus of her paintings is to bring comfort, fortune and creativity to the life of the residents. The paintings help open new business opportunities, improve finance, strengthen family members’ bonding, bring mental clarity and rekindle love and compassion.

Nehha Kandhari’s paintings are a source of positivity, abundance and a healing blend of spirituality and creativity that gave birth to the World’s first vastu compliant artist. Positive changes in her own personal and professional life came by placing artwork in her house in the appropriate direction. With benefits like better performance by children in academics, stronger business relations, clarity of mind and overall harmony, it was initially difficult for her to attribute it only to the artwork.

A fundamental teaching of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ (Hindusim) is that a soul accumulates knowledge over lifetimes, and in each birth, the soul’s journey does not start from scratch.

A businesswoman and a mother of two, Nehha attributes her quick success in the art world to this belief and defines the purpose of her paintings to be a blend of spiritual and creative work. She wants to use her art to bring positivity, comfort and good fortune to people’s lives.

An art enthusiast, Mr Luv Sinha, who visited her stall, loved her paintings and appointed her as an onboard artist in the digital platform ‘House of Creativity’. Nehha now shares this space with renowned artists like Michelle Poonawala, Sonakshi Sinha, Luv Sinha, Kkush Sinha, amongst others.

She recently had a successful show at the ‘Works on Paper & Abstract Art’ exhibition at The Bricklane Gallery, London. Further, she has been invited to one of Milan’s world’s renowned art galleries to exhibit her work.

Soon she will be a part of a Prestigious International Art Book. “Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture and design. It enhances positive energies by eliminating the negative ones from every direction of the house or office. To make a ‘Vastu’ compliant painting more positively impact the client’s life, Nehha approaches the whole process as a long deep meditation, imbibing focus and positivity with every stroke of colour.

“If one pays attention to small or major changes which take place after we place a painting at home, one can realize that each painting creates its own effect,” said Nehha. She believes the endeavour should be to make the impact more positive than negative and can be made possible with figures, colours, and images in the painting suitable for the space and the direction in which the artwork is placed. “Results of my first painting gave me the confidence to build a career as an artist, but more importantly allowed me to be a medium to emit positivity in the society”, says Nehha.

Nehha has also been involved in a philanthropic activity and donates part of her income to help underprivileged students financially. It is her dream to help people, who deserve the support of society and people, and in future, her goal is to provide them with maximum educational facilities.

Her consistent performance and accurate predictions have made Nehha a sought-after person. Now she has many clients who give testimonials confessing to benefits soon after placing the artwork on their premises, she has gained confidence in her ability to create such ‘Vastu’ compliant paintings and positively impact people’s lives.

Her approach is simple. Hold a preliminary confidential discussion (in-person or digital). The client shares their problem areas and other basic details like the space’s direction, wall, size and interiors. Nehha uses her intuition to personalize the artwork and uses her creativity to solve problems related to specific areas like health, relationships or finances.

As her popularity increases, demand for her work has also jumped by leaps and bounds. No doubt, each artwork hence becomes time-consuming, but it is rewarding. With people noticing and appreciating her work and strong demand for her work, Nehha has been commissioned on many projects for the next several months by new clients and even repeated work by some of the existing ones.

She was felicitated by the Governor of Maharashtra for Iconic Woman in Arts and Creativity 2022.

She has been honoured with The Times Business Award North 2022 for Culture and Art and Times Most Influential Leader 2022 for Culture and Art. She has been featured in Forbes India for her exemplary contribution to the field of art by being the World’s First Vastu Compliant Painter.