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Art Of Fulfilling Chocolate Cravings

Chocolates and cookies are weakness for many. But the craving multiplies many times if made with passion and flair. The team guiding Brownwall Food Products Pvt Ltd, best known for its brand RUCHOKS brings dedication and commitment to developing new products that can attract customers, again and again

Published 3 years ago on Aug 21, 2021 4 minutes Read
Ruchika & Dinesh, Directors, RUCHOKS

From a hobby to a chocolate making enterprise, last 11 years have marked an eventful journey for architect-turned chocolatier Ruchika and her husband Dinesh Bhangdiya. It was an order of 10kg chocolates for a birthday party, back in 2009 which got Ruchika started on her business enterprise filled with passion, flavour, colour, aroma and, of course, chocolate.

Realising the potential of his wife’s talent for chocolate making, Dinesh, a chartered accountant, soon joined hands to help build Brownwall Food Products Pvt Ltd, best known for its brand ‘RUCHOKS’. While Ruchika is the brain behind an amazing array of products, Dinesh helps in managing the operations and has played a key role in the expansion of the company.

The brand today has a strong market presence with over 100 exclusive products catering to different categories and needs. Apart from handmade products, the enterprise owns an automatic facility, including an eggless unit. The company products include ‘DIBHA’, a healthy snacking brand, and ‘RUBAKES’, a bakery and patisserie brand. Between them, they cover a wider portfolio of products along with ‘RUCHOKS’.

The efforts of the husband-wife team with unique gifting ideas have over the years found good patronage among many major organisations.  While catering to the high street taste with exclusive products, the company has been able to make inroads. The range of products today are accessible to a wide range of reputed companies and people.

“We have had the pleasure to associate with large corporate giants from a plethora of industries such as banking, pharmaceuticals, finance and IT. Our happy customers have always picked Ruchoks to tantalise their taste buds.,” says Ruchika.

Catering to the varied tastes of consumers, the brand offers more than 50 different flavours including pani-puri, paan masala, til, chai masala, and many more under the theme TASTE OF INDIA. Rocket, Anar, Jamin Chakri, Rassi Bomb, Laxmi Bomb, and Ladi are Ruchoks’ most popular Cracker Chocolates — protected under the Indian Copyright Act for the concept and designs.

Brownwall Food Products Pvt Ltd’s mission is to provide a heritage of dedication to consumers, the community, and corporate. That continues to inspire and guide. “We provide high-quality products while conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our vision is to get our product in every home and serve great, healthy snacking and chocolates that will keep customers coming back,” says Ruchika.

In 2020, the company debuted its new brand “DIBHA”, which provides customers with a wide range of healthy snacking options and encourages them to adopt a more nutritious and lighter lifestyle while maintaining a delicious taste. It sells healthy kadhas, masala fruits, nutritional seeds, and healthy snacks such as Makhana, Nachni Chips, and Jawar Puffs.

The aim this year is to bring all the products within reach of a wider audience. So, the firm established a brand presence on the high street with “Rubakes”, a bakery and patisserie brand that offers innovative and creative combinations of brownies, cakes, desserts, pastries, chocolates, bread, and many more.

“Having maintained a reputable consistency in the quality and variety of its delectable chocolates, the firm takes pride in always having our customers craving for our sweet little drops of heaven,” says Dinesh.

In 2013, the firm was featured as “Young Entrepreneurs” by Doordarshan. In 2016, the company was awarded for “Best stall and Best product award” by Corporate Gift Association of India.

In 2018, Ruchoks featured for “Creativity & Cracker Chocolates” in the Bombay Times Page 3.

In 2019, Time of India featured the firm for “Creative Gifting Ideas”.

The Economic Times awarded Brownwall Food Products Pvt Ltd the “Business Leader” title in 2019.

Brownwall was awarded the “Concept Gifting Champions” award in 2021 by leading print organisations in the country.

It was also awarded ISO 22000:2018 & GMP Certification for the factory. Today, Ruchoks has become corporate’s first choice for concept gifting and its manufacturing standards.