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A Trailblazer In Nutraceutical Industry

A man of many interests and diverse business portfolio, Narendra Ram Nambula’s greatest achievement has been in the field of education and health, the two backbones of the country  

Published 2 years ago on Dec 18, 2021 2 minutes Read
Narendra Ram Nambula, Founder and CEO, Lifespan Pvt Ltd

Narendra Ram Nambula is a man of many interests. His business portfolio is as diverse as his interests that range from Education, Media, Nutrition and Social work. A first-generation entrepreneur, Narendra Ram Nambula’s diverse business interests are in part aligned with his educational qualification - Master’s in Business Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Communication & Journalism, and a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

What contributed to Narendra Ram Nambula’s success in diverse fields is his exemplary people skills, ability to leverage market dynamics and keen entrepreneurial acumen that helped reshape many companies to evolve and change course. Apart from dedication to innovation and being consistent about the significance of leadership, he has set an example for Indian youth with his initiatives towards community service, and support for social justice. His greatest achievement has been in the field of education and health, the two backbones of the country.

Equipped with the skill to quickly analyse key business drivers and develop appropriate strategies, Narendra Ram Nambula ventured into the media sector in 2010, he foresaw education as the next big thing in the market and in 2012 established  a Overseas Education consultancy company.  The consultancy helps budding aspirants to upgrade their careers through Overseas Education and has a vast immigration knowledge base. It has tied-up with more than 100 international universities from different countries including such as The USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland and Singapore, offering access to global high quality education. In 2014, Narendra Ram Nambula also founded the FEEL Foundation, an NGO imparting education to the socially and economically marginalized through workshops. Feel Foundation has been able to conduct more than 800 blood donation camps, inspiring 2000 people to pledge donation of their eyes after their demise. The NGO has also helped the government to deal with natural disasters such as draughts and floods and contribute to women empowerment. Narendra Ram Nambula also plans to invest in Infra Management, e-Waste Recycling ventures and spread his business to different parts of the world.

Health Supplements

Narendra Ram Nambula’s foray into the health sector was led by his belief in the ancient adage “let food be thy medicine”. Thus Lifespan Pvt. Ltd. was created with a mission to provide reliable, high-quality supplements to the society. Lifespan differentiates itself from its competitors through a diverse product line in the form of tablets, capsules, gels, oils, paste, liquids/juices, dry/ wet blended powders and diskettes. All the products are based on the ancient texts and scientific literature about the ingredients that go into the formulation of the product.

Lifespan’s 100 plus products come with a promise to satisfy customers and make them feel secure in their purchases through careful inventory and documentation, complying with the GMP regulations.

Discovery and innovation is the core of Lifespan Private Ltd. The Research & Development team comprises top-notch expert researchers, who use proven processes in their well equipped laboratories. The Innovation team continuously strives to explore and produce new Nutritional, Ayurvedic, Herbal and Personal Care formulations and solutions for the global consumers.

The Research & Development division of Lifespan is equipped with a complete range of sophisticated analytical instrumentation and also has facilities for microbiology testing including for detecting pesticides and other contaminants in raw materials, and finished goods.

With rapid development of new well-researched products and quick delivery of products, irrespective of the volume, Lifespan has become one of the topmost Nutraceutical manufacturers in India. Lifespan partners with global leaders of nutrition who effectively function as an extension of their businesses, with in-house consumer research and scientific studies in collaboration with leading organizations. This enables Lifespan to offer a vast range of products and services in established and new emerging consumer segments. Their expertise in domestic and global market penetration and distribution network helps them to reach out to consumers across the globe.

During Covid-19, Lifespan launched multiple products to support the immune building, and other nutritional supplements. Lifespan works on the belief that the future of a brand is rooted in the future of its new developments and support to mankind. Thus the company is committed to helping its customers turn concepts into full-fledged commercial products - tested, evaluated and modified to perfection.

Manufacturing Facility

Lifespan’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad is capable of handling mass production of health products that strictly adheres to the GMP regulations to ensure that its products are pure, safe, unaltered and effective. High quality ingredients are used in the products while adhering to strict quality measures during the manufacturing process. The manufacturing unit is built as per the USFDA norms. In fact,  Lifespans quality standards comply with UKMHRA, TGA Australia, ISO, NSF, Aayush and C-GMP standards.  The state-of-the-art machinery is manned by technicians who have been well-trained to ensure highest standards in the production without compromising on quality and standards.

Lifespan strives to keep technology and its premises updated through continuous improvement of processes and systems. The company has been expanding its market across the world and has been making much headway in the Ayurveda supplements segment in countries like Canada, Russia, UAE and USA to name a few. Narendra Ram Nambula involves himself in all stages of the development of company’s business.

Today Lifespan’s -NLIFE is a well-known and acknowledged brand in the market. It is available across the country on all major e-commerce platforms and retail stores in the country.

A Winner All The Way

In 2019, Lifespan Pvt Ltd was awarded the Most Promising Company to Invest In (Health and Wellness Sector) and Best Startup of the Year at Global Indian Business Excellence Awards 2019, held at House of Commons, London. Narendra Ram Nambula also received the ‘Young Entrepreneur’ award in 2016 from the Times Group. In 2016, he was also presented with the ‘Bharat Nirman Award for Economic Growth and Social Development’ by the Global Achiever Foundation, New Delhi. He has also received multiple awards from various NGOs for being an ‘Active Society Representative’. His success story is been covered exclusively by History Channel and in print media  like  the  Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur’s Magazine and Fortune Magazine.