Culture Building

Venture capitalists are helping their investee companies scale up talent  

Soumik Kar

If factories and warehouses were the major assets of old economy companies, for new-age tech companies, it is human capital. So much so that venture capital firms are now creating in-house capabilities to look after human capital at their investee companies. “We’ve not frequently seen VCs bring a strong HR person on board for their investee companies, they will bring in someone from a commercial, financial or business background, but not usually HR,” says Yogesh Sood, CMD, BYLD Group, an HR consultancy. Preetam Salian, founder, HiringMonk, echoes this. “VCs don’t usually recommend people for HR. Founders don’t have enough bandwidth as a company grows to more than 50 people, so they eventually hire someone to do the job for them,” he says.