Big Idea

Tired of running from pillar to post to design your home? Let Livspace take over

COVID-19 could have spelled disaster for this start-up, except Livspace made the proverbial lemonade 

After months of scrolling through Pinterest for room décor inspirations, you know exactly what you want in your soon-to-be apartment — a wardrobe with sliding doors, soft ceiling lights, a cozy couch, a bright workstation with a woody bookshelf and a queen-sized bed against a teal-coloured wall. Then you pray that everything falls in place, and the hunt begins — for the right designer, the carpenters, and of course, the furniture. This is when you realise how naïve you were to think you could move into the house within two weeks. And this month you will have to pay an EMI and a rent. If only someone had introduced you to Livspace, the online interior designing service in the country that brings customers, design professionals, brands and vendors on the same platform.