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Have a career goal? ambitionMe can help set up an interaction with a professional

Rather than asking students to take an aptitude test, ambitionMe gives undergraduate and postgraduate students a first-hand experience of their chosen or desired careers. As a career enabler it provides career experience and soft skill building workshops along with online resources. Its founders — Prashi Agarwal, Varsha Sarkar and Vishal Haria, classmates at IIM Kolkata — ventured into education by pooling their personal savings.

Through tie-ups with companies and independent professionals, ambitionMe helps students meet and interact with industry veterans such as bankers, photographers, engineers, journalists, etc. It charges a fee to facilitate this interaction. The cost varies according to the nature of the workshop, and ranges from Rs.400 to Rs.2,000 per student. For now, the offline workshops are limited to universities and colleges in the NCR but it has plans to expand, not just to other cities but also to schools. The company promotes awareness about its activities through college workshops and social media.