Big Idea


Warrantify digitises vital papers like warranty cards and receipts

If you are snowed under bundles of receipts and warranty cards, there is hope yet. Haritash Tamvada promises to make life easy through his firm, Warrantify, which digitises vital papers that seem unimportant until you need them. “‘Warrantifying’ the papers makes them easily accessible anywhere and keeps the papers in good health,” he says. Once consumers register with the firm on the website, they get to upload the documents via a desktop or a smartphone app. By doing so, consumers can digitally archive warranties, receipts, PAN cards and other necessary documents. They then receive updates about the expiry date and extension of the warranty, among other things. Sounds convenient, but is it safe? “We have the best in class security (a secure SSL connection with Verisign) in place,” says Tamvada. And all this comes free; yes, you read it right — free. That is possible because Tamvada has tied up with Delhi-based e-tailer Greendust. The company makes money by taking a transaction cut from extended warranties, accessories sale and ads and banners on the website. “We’re hoping to be the Google for receipts and warranties,” he says. Precisely why Tamvada set up his firm in Hyderabad — “to be near Facebook and Google”.