Big Idea

Flickstree is onboarding advertisers at breakneck speed. How?

The newbie is offering a dream marketing-platform that does not charge until a sale is made 

(L-R) Rahul Jain, Nagender Sangra and Saurabh Singh

Imagine having to pay for five pieces of clothing, chosen by the store, without being able to try them on. How would you know which one fits and which one will look good on you? Would you buy those randomly selected clothes and pray that it was worth your money? As puzzling as it may seem, organisations and brands actually do this all the time. After spending millions on market research and trying to understand consumers, they spend on ad space (yes, those ads you skip on YouTube or ignore on Facebook), hoping that maybe one of those ads catch a consumer’s eye and they make a sale! But, do they? Click rate on the internet for ads averages 0.3-3%, according to Raghav Anand, segment leader-digital media, EY India. Then, why spend so much money on digital marketing?