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Reignite your love for writing with premium chirographic tools 

The letters appear promptly and the entire process of typing out on your big screen smartphone seems so effortless these days. It is almost like this is how we learnt the language that we communicate in. Chirography as a preferred form of communication has taken a backseat. However, for those of us who cherish it in the digital age, you can find handy tools such as high-end pencils, premium-quality paper and decorative print journals that would make you fall back in love with the handwritten script.

Inspired by the old world charm and Indian designs from the British Raj period is Nappa Dori, which means leather and thread. It is one of the few stationery brands in India, that reflects a perfect blend of Indian and contemporary designs in their products. The company is the brainchild of Gautam Sinha, a NIFT graduate in fashion design, who decided to explore the world of leather and artisan craftsmanship. “Our clients are usually people who appreciate the fine details in things. Someone who likes to write and collect and for anyone who likes to have an emotional connect with their belongings,”explains Sinha, the founder and creative director of Nappa Dori. Launched in 2010, the brand has a stationery collection including pocket books, notebooks, folio cases, dockets, organisers, pencils and bookmarks with the effective, usable and contemporary design being the focus. Their products range from Rs.275 up to Rs.4,000 and its signature product is its range of notebooks and dossiers with leather trims.

While Nappa Dori focuses on a range of stationery products, No. 3 Clive Road is all about premium tea and letter-pressed stationery. Not only is the brand name quite interesting, but the product portfolio is extremely specific. Founded in 2015 by Radhika Chopra, who inspired by her return to India decided to name her company after her father’s childhood home address. “For me the essence of the brand is the idea of returning home – we left India when we were very young and grew up in the United States, but have returned home holding onto our parents’ memories of India,”Chopra recalls. Their stationery collection is about the cities of India, capturing the vignettes of both Delhi and Bombay, which ranges from Rs. 3,150 to Rs. 3,700. According to Chopra, what sets them apart is their beautiful packaging and attention to detail in preserving their history.  

For both these Delhi-based brands aesthetics have been integral to their identity. While Chambers of Ink, follows a slightly different design aesthetic, it strongly believes that writing and fine stationery helps de-clutter the mind, just like meditation. With a price range of Rs.500 to Rs.2,000 their product portfolio includes journals, leather diaries, corporate notebooks, planners, personalised stationery and envelopes. It is known for its signature journals including the Wedding Dress Journal, a bridal planner and wedding shopping organiser. Sukriti Jiwarajka, founder, Chambers of Ink explains the label’s key objective,“Everybody has a story to tell and we are big believers in the ability of great quality stationery to inspire people to put down their story. Writing engages our mind in an inventive process that helps us brainstorm with ourselves and explore new lines of thinking.”

What are you still waiting for? Time to put aside the ordinary writing tools you make do with. And take your pick from the collections above to reward the writer or artist in you.