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Photograph by Carl F. Bucherer

The Good Life

Classier Times
A new range of luxury watches not only make you stand out but also treat you like modern-day royalty

Tasneem Pocketwala

Carl F. Bucherer's Manero collection has a precisely adjusted internal life along with mechanical refinement whose complexity comes out through its elaborate three-dimensional dials

Most accessories, as a rule, have no real purpose other than adorning the self. But luxury watches are an exception to that rule, and with good measure. Combining opulence with a passable ostensible function, that of telling time, are these luxury watches from some of the world’s finest watchmakers.

The Classical Billionaire Tourbillon by Corum has a 360-degree view of the Tourbillon movement powering the watch, something that is always appreciated by a true watch connoisseur. Starting at a price no less than 30 million, these watches come with an 18kt white gold case featuring 675 round diamonds and 80 baguette-shaped diamonds on the bezel and horns. What makes this timepiece stand out, according to Davide Traxler, former CEO, Corum, is “its design and visual appeal that captivates the attention of not just watch lovers, but also people who understand art and fashion.”

Featuring another 104 round diamonds on the buckle, the collection comes in four strap variations: red, blue, white and black. But don’t worry about the colours looking awkward with the strap colour. Each variation houses a combination of pristine white and coloured diamonds that match the strap's colour.

Then there is the Manero collection by another Swiss master watchmaker, Carl F. Bucherer, going up to 19 lakh. “Our timepieces are perfect examples of the combination of traditional watchmaking, advanced technology and aesthetic appeal,” says Sascha Moeri, CEO, Carl F. Bucherer. The collection has a precisely adjusted internal life along with mechanical refinement whose complexity comes out through its elaborate three-dimensional dials. With a striking watch face, a stout power reserve, and displays for the weekday, date and seconds, the collection also boasts watches that have an in-house movement based on the peripheral motor. A peripheral motor movement doesn’t consist of the traditional motor a la mechanical watches, but has a motor that moves along the edge of the movement. This means that you can flip the watch and see quite clearly the heart of the watch beating away.

While some classy glitter from Swiss masters might do the magic for some, others require a bit more of tradition, something that harks back to our own rich cultural heritage. Quite understandable. Titan Nebula caters to just this sort of a consumer, with its thoughtfully curated collection of 18kt to 22kt gold watches. The Nazakat collection is every bit as delicate, refined and dainty as its name suggests, and is priced at 700,000. Says Suparna Mitra, chief marketing officer, Titan says, “The USP of Nebula watches are the design inspirations and the interpretation of Indian grandeur and heritage, unlike any other brand in the market.” The watches are imbued with an artisanal craftsmanship that, as Mitra avers, “make these bejewelled accessories resonate with modern-day royalty.” Wear them as an article of exquisite jewellery in their own right.

While the overall consumer pool for watches might be quite large — we’d all like to pretend to keep up with time — the luxury watch segment is actually quite small. Even so, the Indian market for luxury goods and services, according to Traxler, is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. “Additionally,” he says, “India is also one of the highest spenders on jewellery.” Mitra opines, “Increasing purchasing power and a proportionate rise in consumers willing to invest in premium watches has led to sustained year-on-year growth in the expensive watches segment.” 

Be that as it may, but thanks to watches such as these, you can now tell the the time and look immensely classy doing it. 

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