My Favourite

Rajesh Jain

The Director and CEO of Lacoste India talks about his favourite book, Who moved my cheese?, and more
Vishal Koul

I am a fan of old classics as well as modern cinema. A standout film is How Green Was My Valley, based on the novel by Richard Llewellyn. It chronicles the life of a 10-year-old boy in a Welsh mining town. Another favourite is Anand, which teaches us to value life.

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson is timeless and describes changes in one’s life as the result of work changes. As a professional, I found it very relevant. 

Paris is my favourite holiday destination. The culture, the people, the fashion — everything about the French capital is astounding.

When I am travelling, I do not limit myself to department stores or malls for shopping. The streets are where the action is, and it is always great to bring home a piece of the local culture. 

I am a die-hard vegetarian but quite experimental with cuisines. While travelling, I make it a point to try the local food. Nothing beats Indian food, but I like pan-Asian dishes as well.