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Anuj Kumar

The CEO of CAMS enjoys historical narratives by Dalrymple and the uncluttered charm of Goa  

Published 2 years ago on Jan 26, 2019 Read
RA Chandroo

My favourite book is The code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse. I enjoy the amazing storytelling style of the author. His situational humour and the interwoven plots he has created are indeed par excellence! Another author which figures prominently in my collection is William Dalrymple. His vivid storytelling style and intense engagement with Indian history, with key events from the medieval period are fascinating. The Last Mughal and City of Djinns remain my all-time favourites amongst his works.

A Few Good Men is my favourite movie. It is an intense movie with a thrilling courtroom finish, it underscores professional virtues of honour, loyalty and team-work in an exquisitely crafted way. I particularly like Hollywood movies and watching them is my favourite pastime. Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson and George Clooney figure in the list of preferred leads I like to watch. Courtroom dramas & family movies are the genre I prefer watching.

I enjoy eating Chinese food, especially the China Town variety that you can find around the world across in almost all cities.

Pina Colada is one drink I love - It tastes great and is a nice thing to have when you do not want to have alcohol but don’t want people around you to sense that!

My favourite travel destination is Goa. The simple, uncluttered charm of Goa and its languid lifestyle have no real parallels and this is the reason I like to keep going back there. A trip to Costa Rica some years back is the one I recount as the best vacation I have taken… one of the highlights was seeing an active volcano and standing close to it.