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My Favourite

Adarsh Jatia
Provenance Land's CEO and MD on his favourite holiday destinations 

Team Outlook Business

I recently read Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. The book is a fantastic insight into the life of a visionary and an incredibly courageous man and how he dedicated his life towards innovations that aren’t just influencing today’s times but will have long-lasting impact for decades to come.

The Godfather, Goodwill Hunting, Inception and Goodfellas are some of my favourite movies. I also enjoy movies that we can watch together with the kids.

As far as spirits go, there is nothing as resilient as the human spirit. Going by my consumption patterns, green tea is my favourite drink.

Cricket, a sport we all have grown up with, is not just a physical game that requires stamina and skill, but also needs a great amount of patience and concentration.

Among my favourite cities to travel to are London, Boston, Istanbul and Paris. Maldives makes for the most perfect dive destination, Ladakh for the rafting and mountain biking adventures and South Island in New Zealand for the most picturesque drives.

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